Sunday, August 26, 2007

Custom Tassles and Embellishments

Since I posted about the pillows in my bedding book I couldn't neglect my new book The Design Directory of Window Treatments, which will be available on in just three weeks!

These are some custom tie backs and embellishments that I like to use in my designs. I added them to the passementerie chapter of my book just for fun.


The Peak of Chic said...

Gorgeous, as usual! I know you must be so excited- I am!

Unknown said...

It's a bit like having a baby. The last couple of months seem sooooo long and you don't know if you're having a boy or a girl. I don't know if I'll sell ten copies or ten thousand. It's frustrating and exhilerating at the sane time.

diana murphy said...

How exciting! I'll go pre-order on amazon right away.

I just found your beautiful (and informative) blog through the wonderful habitually chic. I see that you'll be in NY soon. DON'T MISS the new Greek and Roman galleries at The Met...a must see, especially for you.

BTW, I love your fresco-inspired montages.

annechovie said...

Jackie, your illustrations are lovely! I wish you all the best on your book!

Unknown said...

Anne - coming from such a talented artist as yourself that is truly a compliment.
Thank You

C+SK said...

I just found your site through Cote de Texas (another fabulous blog!) and I love your style and your advice is invaluable!

Your sketches are also so beautiful! I am studying (long distance) Interior Design and I am just now struggling with sketching (I am really not good at it and I envy talented people like you) a window treatment and a bed treatment assignment.

I am also all over your book when it comes out - one of my assignments is a window treatment notebook!

I have added you to my bloglines - I hope that is ok! :-)