Thursday, August 30, 2007

My Favorite Sources - Wesco Fabrics

Have you heard of Wesco Fabrics? I had been in business for quite a while before I stumbled onto this line after seeing samples that a designer friend of mine had gotten for a client. In a design community that seems obsessed with specifying products from foreign countries it is nice to see a company based in the United States who is providing a superior product as well as exemplary customer service. As our fabric mills go out of business and the industry shrinks due to rising competition from manufactures in China and elsewhere I think it is vital for the design industry to support US based businesses.

Wesco is a second generation, family owned business, located in Denver, Colorado. It is marketed mostly through regional reps instead of mainstream showrooms - although they are represented in 16 smaller local showrooms nationwide. Their fabrics are predominantly silks and lightweight drapery and upholstery. Many of their exclusive patterns are lushly embroidered or lavishly embellished.

This line includes many intricate sheers as well as laser cut fabrics and burn out velvets. If I am ever looking for something truly exotic for a client I start with their fabrics.

Their fabrics are booked in color groupings as well as by type. The Wesco website shows a representative sampling of their products but does not show the bulk of the line. You must see it in person to appreciate the craftsmanship of the more intricate patterns.

Wesco also manufactures custom window treatments and soft shades in their state of the art workroom. Their services are top notch and they quote a turnaround of approximately three weeks.

Their fabrics are very current and are priced well considering the level of their quality. Most patterns are usually in stock and back orders tend to be short. Check them out - I think you will like them. Go USA!!

Wesco Fabrics, Inc.
4001 Forest Street
Denver, Colorado 80216
Fax: (303) 388-3908

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Anonymous said...

I am so excited to have found your blog, you offer such great advice and sources! As a design consultant, I so appreciate finding people who really know what they are talking about and that can inspire and educate me so I can better serve others! I love to learn and I am amazed by the wealth of information I can find through talented women like yourself.

Thanks so much for sharing, I know blogging is a lot of work but I wanted you to know I appreciate your efforts! Your book looks WONDERFUL!