Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Domino we still love you!

I had no idea the kind of reaction my last post about Domino's online article about Barrie Benson would generate. I truly appreciate everyone's honesty and opennesses in commenting on this subject. It is obviously something that we are all very passionate about and it is a topic worth exploring. While I view my blog as a place where I can express my personal views I do feel an obligation to be responsible, fair and accurate when writing posts.

I originally saw the two photos of the canopied bedroom on the fabulous blog Style Court. Her coverage of the rooms prompted me to look deeper into the subject and post my comments. I then saw the Domino cover featured on another great design blog Habitually Chic . HC is a very talented young designer who has an incredible eye for detail. She has made a comment that I believe in the spirit of fairness should be addressed. She says,

"I have to clarify something for everyone, the photos you posted were from the online pictorial of Barrie Benson's work. They were not included in the magazine. The magazine article was a feature on her own mid-century home that she filled with family furniture and a mix of periods, not all mid-century furniture, which I happen to love. It's the way young people live these days."

The pictures and article including quotes taken from it that I used in my post are featured on Domino's website under the heading "house tour Barrie Benson".

My personal opinion is that it does not matter where or how the pictures and text of the interview are sourced the end result is still the same. I believe that this type of discussion and debate is a healthy and productive means of communication that is beneficial to the industry.

Thanks again to all of you,

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Brilliant Asylum said...

I loved yesterday's debate, though I was a little confused as to which rooms were in Benson's house and what was in the magazine. I finally got my copy of Domino last night and went back to re-read Style Court and Habitually Chic's posts. I really liked the photos they chose to represent the designer.

I can't say I am a fan of everything Barrie Benson does--the red wall plates were not for me and I am a bit turned off by the aforementioned "snaking", but I rarely like 100% of a designer's work anyway.

Glad you sparked a lively conversation. Cheers to analytical blogging!