Thursday, September 6, 2007

I Screen - You Screen

There is something romantic and alluring about a beautiful screen. It conjures up the standard image of a young women behind the screen demurely changing into her dressing gown while the handsome suitor looks on. Just a hint of scandal!

Over the years I have used screens in so many different ways. As headboards - hung on walls - hung as walls - hung from ceilings - hung on ceilings - and even occasionally as a floor screen.

This antique screen from 1st dibbs is a beauty. The colors are so rich and I love the hunting scene.

Undulating wooden tambors create a serpentine in this antique French room divider.

I like to take screens like this one with etched mirror inserts apart and hang them as separate panels on a wall. It saves floor space in a tight room like a dining room and adds drama to the wall.

This hanging arrangement of venetian glass tiles can be just as effective in dividing space or adding decorative impact as any floor screen.

Whats old is new again. I've noticed many screens like this one from the 1950's and 60's being given new life in hip interiors today.

I love this wall panel. It would be great hung from the ceiling or even as a dropped ceiling panel.

This Molo Softwall Textile screen from Velocity is a panel of accordian pleated fabric! It's totally flexible, lightweight, and movable. Imagine what you could do with this!

Another great pick from Velocity is this stacking wooden puzzle screen. So cool! It comes in sections and can be expanded to any length or height. Also available in metal which looks like an Alexander Calder sculpture.

The quatrafoil is always a popular motif. I love this stark white design. Wouldn't it make a great headboard. You can't see it in this picture but it is paned glass.

Connecting doors has always been an old DIY trick for creating screens. Here a pair of fabulous Tony Duquette doors are used to great effect.

Another great design with oriental overtones.

Tord Boontje's wonderful laser cut polyethylene wall hanging / room divider.

A Greek key design from House Eclectic. I could see this one in individual sections as faux shutters on either side of french doors or windows.


Unknown said...

What a great post you have done on screens. I particularly like the Molo Softwall Textile screen. Very innovative. Do you have any idea where the quatrafoil screen is from. I have been looking for something like this?

Unknown said...

Hi Patricia,
Forgot to post the link for the quatrafoil screen. It is from 1st dibs. The link is up there now or go to

Things That Inspire said...

I love screens, and have always wanted to do a screen as my headboard. In the end, comfort wins over style, and I am in the process of having an upholstered headboard made. Great post!

franki durbin said...

I love a good screen. it seemed for ages we were caught in an era where there were so few options available... butt now we're pulling from our archives and enjoying marvels of art from centuries past. There are so many delicious options!