Friday, September 28, 2007

It's Friday, Get Your Vegas On!!

Most of you don't know this but my super talented husband is the creative mind behind the very successful advertising campaign for Las Vegas. "What Happens Here Stays Here ". They have launched a new interactive website for their new ads! It's a ton of fun. Check it out

Since it's Friday and I 'm sure you are wanting to get your party started so you can fly your freak flag proudly. I thought I would provide you with some inspiration by giving you a close up view of two of my home towns hottest night spots.

First, we have the hangout of the perpetually wasted, extension sporting, no underwear wearing, queen of trailer trash, Britney Spears. PURE in Caesars Palace.

The rooftop bar overlooking the strip is the place to be on a Friday night. The view is fantastic and unlike the interior rooms there is plenty of oxygen for those of you who like to breath. For a couple of hundred bucks you can bribe your way up the elevator to this lofty perch and be seated in your own private cabana where you can then shell out many more hundreds for bottle service and all the slutty hostesses you could possibly want to mix your drinks. Luckily when I have gone there it's always been for private parties and it's an open bar - I can't afford simple luxuries like bottle service!

The infamous "Red Room"shown at the top right, is reserved for only the most elite of celebrity partiers. I am positive that Britney's naked butt cheeks have graced that sofa.

The interior is well done with lots of sexy drapery and loungable furnishings (aka make out beds). Colored lights set the mood. These pictures are a bit misleading because when you are there in person it is filled with Tara Reid and Paris Hilton wanna be's and you can't really see much of the interior.

The private booths with filmy fabric walls are premium seating - again this will cost you.

For the slightly more sophisticated, the place to be is TAO. The Asian masterpiece at The Venetian. Tao actually offers delicious food and good service especially upstairs in the private lounge
Giant Buddha's and barrel shaped booths create a surreal, spicy environment that oozes trendy. Young beautiful things sip martinis and pack the dance floor gyrating to techno music.

Red venetian glass chandeliers remind patrons that they are still in The Venetian while they drink the night away into the wee wee hours.

Celebrity sightings here tend to be more along the lines of Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson with the occasional Justin Timberlake.

So wherever you are and whatever you're doing this weekend - Party like a rock star would if they were at TAO or PURE with no underwear on. Go Vegas!!


C+SK said...

Ohh you just made me miss Vegas even more now!
You know, being the good "European snob" that I am ;-), I always thought I was going to dislike Vegas but my husband insisted we go there. We did last Thanksgiving, and I fell totally in love with it. I wrote two posts on it in my blog, if you have a couple of minutes.

And WOW, your husband is GOOD! :-)
Hmm, can't wait to go back in November!!! :-)))

Anonymous said...

Jackie! I am cracking up, this is the best post! I've been to Vegas and have left some stuff there (What happens there stays there) Your hubby is a genious and I hope he was well paid for that brilliant slogan used everywhere now. Rappers even use it with their own twist... "making sure it stays in Vegas" Thanks for the fun post- GO VEGAS!

Retroboutiques said...

OH! I used to live there 2 years ago, moved back to the midwest.(Don't know what in the world I was thinking) I miss it soooo much! I wish I would have STAYED in Vegas!

Things That Inspire said...

Great post! I have never been to Vegas (I have had a few trips planned, but they have always fallen through). It looks like an adult version of Disneyworld!

Anonymous said...

I must admit I have never been there, but now I know why. Just kidding, it sounds exciting, that's for sure! Thanks for the photos and descriptions of what goes on there!

My big party weekend begins today with a bunch of seven year old boys at a water park! PARTY ON!

Wow, your husband really is a genius, that is quite a slogan and campaign! Good for him!


cotedetexas said...

Yes, everybody - Jackie's husband is THE genius behind "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas." When she told me this a while ago, I was flabbergasted. I think that, along with Geico coming in second place, the Vegas campaign is the most successful ad campaign in a long, long time. He belongs in NYC imo - he's that brilliant.

Jackie - I'm glad you've finally told everyone, if he was my husband I would "outed" him a long time ago. You're more humble than I am.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Wow Jackie--I am so impressed. That campaign really makes me want to visit Las Vegas. (I think I am the only person in America who has not yet been).

Unknown said...

My husband is a genius I just wish he was payed like one!!!!! Advertising is not a big bucks profession unless you own the firm. It's amazing how similar interior design and advertising are. The process is virtually the same.

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Jackie, Vegas has always been the absolute LAST place on earth I wanted to vacation but after this post, I'm serously having second thoughts. Your photos are fabulous! Keep them coming!!!
Ps, you & your husband are VERY talented!!! Love that slogan!