Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Homey Home Offices

I am still pondering what to do with my home office now that I am spending most of my waking hours there. I am currently choosing paint colors and debating whether or not to change my window treatments. Trying to strike the right balance between functionality and comfortable home fashion is a tricky endeavor as more and more people opt to ditch their corporate digs for the greener pastures of home sweet home

Here's some inspiration from Row House Creative. This office has a nice blend of functional and decorative items. I like the use of urns as pencil holders. The whitewashed floors and stark white walls are a nice contrast against the red brick.

This small office is well organized to hold an array of books and supplies. The abundant personal items in combination with decorative accessories make it a very comfortable space. The white porcelain lamps, cane back chair and bordered rug soften the space and add to it's comfortable feel.

I love this little office. It's cheerful and inspiring. The space is unified by using the same fabric as the curtains to cover the desk and hide some of the clutter underneath.

Here's an office fit for a very sophisticated home toiler. I like the minimalist style and the way they warmed up the room by using grass cloth on the walls.

I'm not usually a fan of Pottery Barn but this room makes me happy just to look at it. I think I could while the day away quite nicely in here. More whitewashed floors - I see a trend.

This is the office of author Carmen Callil. You can clearly see that this is a real working office which is what I love about it. The desk was her father's and was shipped to her from Australia. It is the centerpiece of the office and must be a great source of inspiration for her. Again white washed floors!

Famed writer, Beryl Bainbridge, author of Every Man For Himself and Young Adolf among countless other classics, writes her novels in this wonderful office that looks like a setting in one of her books. She actually types of her first drafts on that typewriter. The gun is a toy belonging to one of her grandchildren.

Who knew simple white cubes could look so inviting? Those baskets hide a multitude of sins!

More white cubes - I like the green paint showing through. It keeps the space open and minimizes the cubes.

It seems a good view in a home office is mandatory to a happy work environment. Luckily my office is almost all windows, although being in Las Vegas this means it is a blast furnace in the summer and I spend all day with the blinds closed.

My office used to be primarily my sewing and craft room. Now it's doing double duty. I think that's part of my problem. It is almost impossible to keep a sewing room looking organized. This sewing room below is about as good as it gets.

When I finally make some decisions about what to do with my own office I'll post some before & after pictures. If you have a cool home office please share some photos!


girl meets glamour said...

These are all great examples, and I've always love the design of the second example. Great post!!!


Brilliant Asylum said...

You are so lucky to have your own office. I keep moving around from room to room while I search for a place to re-purpose for myself.

The room with the red built-ins would be nice, though I like the simplicity of the top image too. Martha Stewart has really cool attic workroom in one of the last Living Magazines. (I know I sound like a Martha stalker).

Things That Inspire said...

I gravitate to a nice, fresh, light office; many of the pictures in this post are my dream!

And, if I were to pick a dream desk, it would have to be the Jan Showers desk. I love it, but the price is not for the faint of heart or wallet.

Calie Durant said...

I hear you, creating a work environment that is both inspiring and livable can be challenging. For me, I prefer my office space to be much more sleek and modern than how the rest of my home feels. Have you looked at the book: Where Women Create by Jo Packham? I’ve had the book over a year and haven’t really read the content, but have enjoyed the photographs of all of the different work spaces. Heather Baily has some interesting pictures of her studio on her blog that are fun to look at, http://heatherbailey.typepad.com/heather_bailey/2007/02/the_studio.html

Vintage Rose Collection said...

Jackie, I really enjoyed this post. I'm forever looking for inventive ways to beautify my office space. Yours was divine!
Thanks for the awesome tips!
Jo-Anne Coletti

Anonymous said...

I am still working on mine too. It is my painting,craft, sewing & computer room although I use the laptop in the kitchen more often. I started taking watercolor lessons so it has turned into an art gallery also for some of my paintings - LOL! I do need built-ins or something back there to store stuff in. I have a skirt around my big fax machine, copier, printer,. Good luck & thanks for the inspiration! Bonnie

drey said...

hi jackie, i've just posted shots of my in-progress office space on my blog :) nothing super... designer but it's in progress :) mainly inspired by that second photo you've put up there, which is on my pin up board :)


Anonymous said...

I have yet to work on our shared office...so this was an inspiring post for me. I share an office/craft room with my husband so it will be challenging. I would love to see what you come up with.
Do post some befores & afters of your room.

The Paris Apartment said...

what a variety! i would like different ones on different days! and yes, change your curtains, i'd love to see your new creations!

Jessie said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog Jackie. I love all these photos you posted. Now you have seen my pink girly office. :) I just put things in the room that I loved, but still looked good together. I hate clutter, and tried to just be careful how much stuff I put in there. I wish you luck!!!!

Material Girls said...

I love this post- I am needing some creative ideas on how to spruce up my office space!

Laura Argelati said...

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I will link you on my blog and I'd like to invite you to visite also my blog :D

Laura from Italy