Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Who's Gonna Get Your Vote on Domino??

I have thoroughly enjoyed the readers design competition that's been going on at Domino for the past few weeks. So many of the rooms that were submitted were very inspiring and original. I love the fact that the magazine featured so many of the rooms during the ongoing submittal process. Many times magazines hold design competitions and cherry pick the few submittals they deem worthy of publication never letting us see the range of what was actually sent in. Domino should be commended for putting it all out there. The good the bad and the sometimes ugly. It is so much fun to see the variety of entries and to see if you can pick the winner from the start.

My favorite room from day one has been Steven from Des Moines!! I adore this room. It is vibrant, creative, full of energy and shows a deeply personal side of the occupant. It is not a sterile attempt to "create" design. It is a room that seems to have been grown and cared for over time until it reached it's lovely maturity as we see it now. Every piece is interesting and well placed. The proportions are great and the colors are vibrant and invigorating. Great job Steven from Des Moines - I hope you win!!!

My pick for runner up is this lovely, feminine room by Catherine from Mill Valley. This gal is obviously chock full of talent as she hand painted and glazed all of the surfaces herself. Great Job! I love the tranquil feel of the space and the vibrant punch of energy she has thrown in with the careful placement of hot pink accessories. The eclectic and unexpected mix of period and mid century furnishings adds a modern flair to what otherwise would have been a pretty safe room. I also commend her for her savvy use of texture as a key element in the room.

Get on over to Domino and cast your votes. I can't wait to see who wins.


cotedetexas said...

The second was one of my favorites from the beginning. Plus, I love one that has the swedish chairs in their living room.


Anonymous said...

I love the one with the wild crazy mirror & hot pink accents! It looks "high energy" to me & like my DD would live there if she ever gets thru day!

Heather said...

I really like both of those rooms. The colors are great. I have enjoyed your blog for a while, and only recently got a google account. So now I can comment. Also, I have a new blog:
Your blog is listed as a favorite! :)

Mélanie said...

I did and I choosed the same one . May be he is going to win

Ruth Welter said...

What a beautiful blog you have, I just discovered you today. My favorite is the pale blue room. I'm actually going through a light blue phase in my own home right that look.

girl meets glamour said...

It's been so great to see all the choices...I wonder how they narrowed them down like they did? I'm going to go vote right now...but I'm not going to tell :)


blah said...

What a lovely blog you have here!

I found you via This is glamorous :-)

I really like your choices in winning rooms - I would love to have both these rooms & would have chosen them in this order too :-)
Lovely post :-)