Friday, November 23, 2007

Have We Lost Our Everlovin Minds??????

The cover of this months Blueprint Magazine is showing this pink "designer" tree. Now in the hands of a professional, this type of "theme" tree can work in a stylish interior but it always looks sterile and cold. Are we so into appearances that even Christmas has to be staged. What ever happened to tradition and sentiment. The old family ornaments handed down from generations and the handmade ornaments your kids make.
How have we gone from the perfect simplicity of the American ideal of the Charlie Brown Christams Tree to this......

Big Bird Yellow!!!!! Who needs this tree, are we really this tacky?

How about silver spikes for branches? This tree really says comfy down home Christmas doesn't it?

You never know when you'll need a red foil tree. Maybe this is the tree the devil puts up in hell.

Dead sticks for branches. I suppose it could work, but do I really want a dead tree?

Now this one brings technology into play with a center tube filled with lighted bubbling water. Who couldn't feel festive with that kind of trickery going on.

Iridescent mylar! A thing of beauty to be sure but not for you nature lovers out there.

Then we have the ever popular red foil topiary. A truly classic element sure to add class and sophistication to any interior.

Who wouldn't love this stunning purple tree?

Or perhaps you prefer blue foil. This one is sure to make that statement you are looking for.

A red Chile tree for you south westerners.

A lighted Palm for the Floridians in the group.

And of course the newest addition to the lineup the upside down tree. Truly the pinnacle of the new age of Christmas adornment.

Please for the sake of future Christmases show some restraint in your choices. Think back to Christmases past and the simplicity of the finer things we enjoyed as kids. Bring back some sense and sensibility to the Holiday season. And for God's sake please don't buy an upside down tree!!!!


s. said...

Actually... I kind of like some of these trees (runs and hides).

cotedetexas said...

omg - you have to be the funniest person in the world~!!!

Unknown said...

You actually struck a memory chord with one of your trees. The spiral one....without the center tube of course. When I was a child a German man at our church would make a Tannenbaum. He would remove the branches and weave the pine and arrange it in a spiral around the tree trunk. It was actually quite lovely with ornaments made by the Sunday School children and popcorn garlands and bubbling lights.

HOBAC said...

I'm sure everyone in LA just went "she is talking about us". I could not agree more. Christmas is about family and tradition. Anything less is just empty and meaningless.

Pigtown*Design said...

What's up with the upside-down trees. How stupid are they?

I do kinda like the branches one, since it saves a step in the process of buying a tree, having all its needles shed all over my house and then looking pathetic and raggedy before i decorate its now-bare branches.

And I guess I shouldn't tell you about that Christmas in Page, AZ when we decorated a tumbleweed with tiny white lights.

blah said...

you make me laugh! Great post :-)

Anonymous said...

All I can say is: "To Each His Own". We actually have two trees in our house - one for hubby and boys and one for myself. Mine is what you would call a "designer" tree - no hand made (by children) or handed down ornaments at all. To someone else I guess my tree looks very impersonal, but why would I decorate MY tree to be sentimental to YOU? Each ornament was lovingly picked by me or my family. Some from near and some from far. I have a friend with a very large house that puts up 7 trees throughout her house every year - each one with a different theme and none of them mean a thing to me, but they are all special to her. I've never understood why people think that someone else's tree/ornaments should have meaning for anyone else but the owner. I don't quite know why I'm on such a soapbox about this topic, but in this season of "peace, joy, caring, sharing and love" it seems that criticizing someone's Christmas decorations is just uncalled for. At least they still believe in Christmas and have the freedom to do so. JMO - keri

Anonymous said...

Amen to that! :)

Brilliant Asylum said...

You are so funny! "Big Bird" has to be the worst of the bunch! Amen for the traditional tree with hand-me-down ornaments. (Although I do love a REAL lighted palm tree if I am dreaming of someplace tropical for the holidays).

Jessie said...

I was very shocked when I went to Hobby Lobby and saw a upside down tree! lol I had never seen that before. I don't like it, but hey, if somebody can make it fun to look at, more power to them!! :)

I have a white tree, goes with my contemporary house. I love silver trees too. I like the vintage look. I will admit, I love pink trees and I would love to have one. My white tree though is the tree my husband and I bought together. Its our first tree, our first ornaments, and the beginning of our own holiday traditions. Happy Holidays.

sherri said...

Jackie - I know you posted this back in November but I just found your Blog through Tara - I LOVE this post and feel the same way you do! I laughed until I cried...I too love the traditional with handed down ornaments and everything my kids make. (And I agree with the Don't Buy anything on Black Friday, too! Stay home and enjoy the family is what I say)

I love your style, your humor and your down-to-earth qualities shown here in your blog - Just wanted to say hello and thanks for letting me browse and read!! May I add you to my favorites?
xo Sherri

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. That upside down tree looks like BUM BARF. It's wrong. Just wrong.