Monday, November 19, 2007

Thaw Out That Bird !!!!

I usually don't like to eat anything that has even a vague resemblance to what it once was. This applies mostly to fish and other seafood. I like to live in denial and prefer to think that my food originates in it's edible form. I really hate it when I am reminded that I am a brutal meat eating carnivore! It seems so uncivilized when you think about it. My sister and I vowed to become vegetarians in high school. We stocked up on vegetables and carbs and went at it with gusto. I think we lasted about four days before we hit McDonalds for a Big Mac.

So, inevitably, I am defrosting my bird and my family is looking forward to my Thanksgiving standard menu. I have one dish that I learned from my ex mother-in-law that my family raves about. It is one of those ridiculously easy things to make that people swoon over and demand the recipe for so I thought in the spirit of Thanksgiving I would share it with you.

Corn Casserole

3 cans Green Giant Creamed Corn (don't ask me why but it has to by GG)
3 cans Niblets ( also Green Giant)
1 pkg Progresso Bread Crumbs (unseasoned)
3 sticks butter cut into 1/4" slices which are then cut in half to make dabs

In a medium sized oven safe casserole layer your ingredients as follows:

Begin by sprinkling a light layer of bread crumbs into the bottom of the casserole
Add a layer of creamed corn about 1" thick
Add a similar layer of Niblets
top with layer of butter cubes about 6 or 7
Add second layer in the same order.
Continue until the ingredients are used up topping with bread crumbs and dabs of butter

Bake in oven 350' for one hour or until bubbly on top.

Variations: Add thinly sliced green pepper or if you're daring jalapeños for a nice kick.

I guarantee your family will love it - even the kids!!!

Happy Thanksgiving


cotedetexas said...

I know exactly what you mean about eating meat and being in denial about it. I swore off all pork - do you know that a pig fetus and a human fetus at like 2 months old - you can barely tell which is which? oh no!!!! Anyway, in my Wendy's salad they put the best bacon bits, real ones, and I just can't resist even though I "swore" off all pork, I eat it every night. The only thing I've ever really stuck to was veal. It's been 20 years or maybe 30 after I heard about veal and crates and I've never eated it again even though I love veal scallopini.

Hey - have a happy non denial denial Thanksgiving!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Jackie!


girl meets glamour said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I just loved reading this post!


Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha..... that is a great photo. It reminds me of the cow with the "eat more chicken" sign on it's neck for the chik-fil-et campaign. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mélanie said...

Happy thanksgiving !!! I loke this post about eating meat and being denial . i'm just the same ..