Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Would Jackie Do?

A loyal reader wrote me and suggested that I include a regular feature in my blog that would address readers design problems or questions. Sounded like a good idea so I’m putting out a call for entries.

If you have a very specific design challenge please drop me a line at
jackie_vontobel at msn.com
. Include all pertinent measurements, attach photos or drawings of the space, and a detailed description of what you would like to achieve and I will give you some suggestions and show sketches of your room. Be sure to include your email address so I can ask questions if necessary.

Suggested Topics

Window Treatments




Custom Cabinetry

Kitchen Design

General Space Planning



A few years ago I lived in the country and my home had lots of windows. I never wanted to cover them up - I wanted to see out. (Privacy was not an issue)I had every intention to do something eventually, but then we moved. What type of treatment would you have suggested to me? (It was a cedar log home, which by the way I thought I would love, but in the end I found it very depressing...all that wood, all the time)

Anonymous said...

Yay Jackie! Glad you're feeling better!!! I was the reader who suggested you do this--I'll be emailing you soon. May I give you another suggestion? change your post to look like this jackie_vontobel AT msn.com (with spaces betweenyour name and AT) so spammers don't harvest your email address.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie....Glad you are feeling better. Don't over do though, take it easy for awhile.
I emailed you a question - ha! I guess it would fall into general space planning ......I forgot to put that on there. You are such a sweetie to offer to do this for us.
:) You are truely a sweet person !!!

girl meets glamour said...

Love this idea Jackie!!! Can't wait for your first topic!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie.......I posted a comment yesterday but my satellite internet must have died. LOL! I emailed you a question also. Don't feel rushed to answer though until you are completely well! Glad you are feeling better & thanks for adding this service for us. We love it!