Thursday, January 31, 2008

Back From Baltimore

I just got back from the annual Exciting Windows conference in Baltimore, the home of fellow blogger Meg, from PigTown Designs. She very kindly met me at my hotel and took me on a fascinating tour of her lovely hometown.

She has deep family ties to the area and she toured me through her childhood neighborhood which was breathtaking! Baltimore seems to be a city that is being revitalized within. Older once neglected neighborhoods are now filled with new businesses and refurbished homes. Meg showed me several old mills and factories that have been converted into art galleries and centers for local artisans to make and show their wares. You must visit her blog so you can see more of her city.

The conference I attended was held at the Tremont Grand, an Masonic temple built in the 1800'2 and restored to it's original glory. Each room was stunning with intricate woodwork, plaster detailing and imported marble. If you ever make it to Baltimore you should take a few minutes and go see it in person.

Thanks again to Meg for giving me the grand tour. She is a lovely, charming and talented girl who has led a fascinating life here in the states and abroad. She is a fundraiser, a foodie and a dog lover but she's not above having a beer with a semi-stranger and cheering on her favorite basketball team!!


Pigtown*Design said...

Thank you! I am blushing. I had a wonderful time showing you around. As I thought, MD dropped their big lead and lost to Duke - again!

Glad your trip was good.

cotedetexas said...

what??? NO PICTURES????? Jackie, Meg gave me the low down on you. She told me you are really obnoxious and a showoff and a braggart. aahahahha NOT!!!!

No really, she raved on and on about how wonderful you are, how funny you are, how sweet!!! she jsut went on and on = you made quite an impression. I'm jealous! she said y'all really got along great.

Those pictures of that building are incredible.

Can't wait to me the two of you!!


Unknown said...

Joni, I was going to take my camera but my dd took my memory card so I was sans photos. It was a shame to because Meg showed me some great sites. She was a fabulous host.

Pigtown*Design said...

I kept thinking about taking a picture, but we were drinking too much...

cotedetexas said...

It sounds like it. Whenever I meet someone, it's a quick lunch, thank you very much ma'am. She sounds so nice.

katiedid said...

Glad you two had a great time!