Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Design Star - Season Three

They're gearing up early for season three of Design Star on HGTV by allowing viewers to choose between two designers to pick one to capture the last remaining spot in this years cast. From now until March 3rd you can log online and vote for your choice between these two show hopefuls. Scroll underneath the picture of each designer and click on "portfolio". You'll be treated to a brief overview of work done by each girl.

This bedroom design belongs to DS would-be-contestant Stephanie Cook.

Here is a living room done by her new arch rival Kim Lewis

You can also view each contestants audition video so you can check out their uber-perky personality and determine their TVQ levels along with that elusive IT factor. Personally I feel very sorry for these poor girls. The other cast members have been selected on their merits but the producers have chosen to toy with these poor, celeb-seeking, I want my fifteen minutes of fame, debutants in order to capture some pre-show ratings build up. It is really going to suck to be the loser on this gig.

Good Luck Girls


Anonymous said...

haha, cool blog, ok....always stay cool

Linda Merrill said...

I agree Jackie. I thought it seemed kind of cheesy - not to mention mean - to do a pre-show challenge like this. But that said, I prefer the bedroom image to the living room.

Unknown said...

Hi erickia,
I know you're a big fan and resident DS expert - What gives? I would hate to be one of those gals. I suppose they are trying to cash in on the election angle, what with the Presidential race and all. I'm voting for both - maybe they will end up in a tie and both will make it!

Michelle said...

Love that bedroom!

Brandon said...

For more of Kim's work not seen on HGTV's website please go to