Monday, March 3, 2008

THIS IS HUGE ! - Minutes Matter Studio

I've been sworn to secrecy for months - but now - I can finally blab!!!
I'm joining Minutes Matter Studio in giving a whole new dimension to my window treatment designs.

The Design Directory of Window Treatments is going interactive !

Minutes Matter Studio is the industries leading provider of digital window treatment software, design solutions, and organizational systems. Their programs allow designers to combine hundreds of individual components into custom window treatment designs that can then be individualized with coloring tools or by importing the actual fabric pattern and color into the program. The powerful tools available within this software package also allow the user to design directly on a photograph of the clients room or to import specific elements from the room into a custom drawing.

For the first time ever, Minutes Matter Studio is producing a separate module for their system exclusively featuring the designs in my book. They are working fast and furiously putting the module together to make it available for purchase this Winter 08'.

( Oh, yes, make no mistake - I will be very full of myself from now on !! My head is growing bigger by the minute. Can you say window treatment superstarrrrrrrrrr? Seriously, this is just so cool - I can't believe it! )

Debbie & Casey Green the brilliant masterminds behind Studio, and my fabulous publisher Gibbs Smith are throwing a party to celebrate at The International Window Coverings Expo in Atlanta on March 27. If you are planning to attend the Expo, please visit the Minutes Matter Booth or email them to receive a pass to the festivities. Don't dawdle though, our room can only hold 200 partiers!

Hope you can make it.................... :)


annechovie said...

Congratulations, Jackie! That's exciting!

Linda Merrill said...

So exciting! Congrats! Can't wait to check out the software.

katiedid said...

Yoohoo! That's fantastic! Congratulations and wish I could be there to party on with you. Oooo...I hope you get together with all of those Atlanta bloggers. Take lots of pictures for us, OK?

Pigtown*Design said...

That is SOOOOO cool!

Can't wait to hear about your London adventures!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, I adore reading your blog. I can sit here and get to see some of the most amazing products and most fabulous homes and rooms in the country.

Having a book published is spectacular and with this, you just keep rising. Please keep introducing your readers to your finds and opinions and keep working on the next book.

cotedetexas said...

Jackie - I am SO happy for you!!!! You deserve it girl - no one works harder than you and i mean that! I hope you can retire off this!! ha! seriously.

Mazel Tov!


Cemaya said...

Gah! I can't make the Atlanta Expo and I use DreamDraper. However, I am super excited for you!!!! ;)

Bayou Contessa said...

Jackie, this is so cool! You ARE a window covering superstar! Congratulations, you so deserve it. Wish I could come to Atlanta and party with you. Take lots of pics!


Miss Jackie, Boy oh boy, this is huge, mega-news. We are all so proud of you. You are a super star and even if this didn't happen you'd still be our super star!

kayellen said...

Hi Jackie!

Hope to meet you in Atlanta! I will be in the Working Work Room helping my Mom with demos.