Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Office: Slowly Making Progress

My office project is coming along slowly. The basic carpentry for the fireplace build outs is done. Next week the walls get skim coated to provide a smooth texture for the wallpaper. The electrical will also go in for a new cable outlet and several recessed lights in the ceiling.


After - Ready for paint

My wallpaper - Thibaut, pattern: Owen

I think I'm liking it!


cotedetexas said...

me too!!!! and last night I burned a hole in my new keyboard - letter V - luckily I had an extra keyboard - but installing one into a sony laptop is such a bitch. it worked though, but i had to take the whole thing apart. is yours a desktop - that's so easy, just go buy a new one for $10. if its a laptop, you can buy a key on ebay. and pop it back on.

drey said...

I love it! fresh, bright and serene!