Tuesday, May 6, 2008

If Furniture Could Talk

I was browsing through 1st Dibbs today and ran across this fantastic Billy Baldwin upholstered bed still wearing its original kelly green velvet upholstery. I would love to know the back story behind this bed. Who was it made for? - where did it live? - what did it see???- what did it's bedroom look like?

I was really struck by how current the design remains as is evident by the many new chair-back beds available on the market today.

This is my favorite from Hickory White. I like the furniture legs at the base of the platform and the nail heads.

This bed has a small arm on each side as well as a wing back. It is really taking the chair design to the fullest.

Jay Jeffers seems to be a big fan of this style bed and he uses them to great effect in many of his rooms.

Henredon's version

Oly Studio has a sleek modern version.

Transitional Charles P Rogers in leather.

Love the top of the wing backs on this model by Charles P Rogers.

If our furniture could talk what would it say about us? My furniture would be pretty boring, how about yours?


Pigtown*Design said...

I love these beds. so warm and welcoming looking...

my furniture would say that i am old money with none left! flashes of the social register style, but making do with other things.

hope you're well!

katiedid said...

I really like these beds too. You found a really nice selection here. I do like the Hickory WHite bed the best too. :)

please sir said...

I would also like to know the story behind that bed! Great selection.

Anonymous said...

These beds are marvelous. I see them as big, comfortable but stylish chairs that I don't have to get out of when it's time to go to bed. I'd want one of those "Clappers" so I could clap my hands and the lights would go out without me having to get up. That's my princess persona.

I have 3 observations. First, they seem to cry out to be used to read, do correspondence, or have breakfast, which flies in the faces of sleep experts who suggest that people only use their bedrooms for sleep, sex, and possibly getting dressed.

Second, the last one is the only one that makes you think that the covers (duvet, whatever) regularly hang over the padded sides. The others have the edges tucked under their mattresses, which shows off the padded sides more effectively. I wouldn't enjoy tucking every morning, but if I had one of these beds, someone else would probably be doing that.

Third, I only see a box springs on one bed. Are the others down between the padded sides, or is there another form of support that substitutes for the box springs?

Great finds. Thanks for sharing.

HOBAC said...

Must say, this is one trend I wholeheartedly endorse. Fabulous. It even works with French style sofa backs.

Cemaya said...

Upholstered beds - how decadent!

It certainly is a style that will never go out of fashion.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments, looks like all good things do come around again.

Lee, I believe that many of these beds are designed to house the box spring below the bed box. Have you seen the new mattresses that offer a low profile box spring. A great option if you are purchasing a very fluffy pillow top and don't want to feel like the princess and the pea.

HOBAC, I think you could use almost any back style and it would look interesting.

Meg, I'm great just busy working on the new book.

Anonymous said...

Love the bed's you found..it's a toss up for me personally... I love the Hickory White, Better Homes and the Jay Jeffers Designs.

Thanks for sharing all of them.


meredith said...

I love these beds. They are all very chic, especially the one by Charles P Rogers. If that were my bed, it would definitely be saying "welcome to the good life;)".

Jackie-that's so funny that you posed the question, "If your furniture could talk what would it say?” I actually came across a video contest that asks the same question (http://winapartmentfurniture.com). It gives people the opportunity to win $10,000 by letting their furniture do the talking.

Thought it was kind of cute:)

design citation said...

Do like the look of this, but I think one would have to be careful about the proportion of the room. It does have an imposing look, which reminds me of more formal settings, and I think it needs a lot of "breathing space" around it. I personally would love to see it in a strong or dark color - perhaps a navy or cerulean blue, black with white trim for a tailored dramatic look , or something like that.
of course - if my quilted red headboard could talk it would say ; bring it on!