Saturday, July 19, 2008

Style Sisters ?

Is it just me or do all of these style icons look alike? I was browsing through my files and was struck by the resemblance.

Charlotte Moss

Nancy Corzine

Miss Martha

Bunny Williams

Carolina Herrera

I wonder if they are all channeling the spirit of the great Elsie de Wolfe? She seems to have started the trend.

Elsie de Wolfe

If I cut my hair short and sweep it back will I miraculously have more design talent? Will the celebrity clients start calling? Of course I'd have to drop a few (more than a few) pounds and buy some embroidered silk kaftans, Tods flats and a strand of vintage pearls. Then I'll get myself down to glamor shots to pose for my designer power photos. Perhaps I'll break out the leopard throw like Elsie did. I'm going to assume she was wearing a red dress in her B&W photo, that vixen! I think I like the Charlotte Moss pose the best. It reeks of power.

They all have that - yes I am perky and smiling but I can take you out in a second with my little pinkie so don't mess with me look.


Sacheverelle said...

The Charlotte/Bunny resemblance, both appearance & design style is eerily similar but you know, it's probably more women of a certain age with loads & loads of cash all channel the same sort of Palm Beach Mimi McMakin casual-glam style. The younger generation of that set all look alike too only with longer hair & trendier clothes..Celerie Kemble, Emma Jane Pilkington, Alexa Hampton, Lela Rose, Tory Burch..
Looky here:

Alkemie said...

What an interesting post! They do sort have the same type of hair and quality don't they!

cotedetexas said...

very astute observation! I never liked that picture of Ms Moss for some reason. It just doesn't look like her at all! Maybe too photoshopped? Like the outfit though. Who would you be if you could be one of these ladies? Or look like one? Which one? Charlotte or Martha = it's a tossup. I guess Moss - I like her lifestyle the best.

Ann said...

It must be their age, hairstyle, and stance. All great ladies of design, but the pics are all staged and prepared for. I want to see them in their everyday clothes and hopefully they will look different from each other.

Cemaya said...

I like Nancy Corzine. She looks the most relaxed and I love what I hope is her office in the background.

Barbara Jacksier said...

I guess I'd better cut my hair shorter-- and go blonde to make it big. The price of fame!

Material Girls said...

Oh how funny...I do see the resemblance!!

Emily @ Material Girls

Unknown said...

You are too funny Jackie!