Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm late to the Jonathan Adler party but I heart him

Sometimes in life you fail to see the beauty that is right in front of your face. This is the case for me with designer and bon vivant Jonathan Adler. I have been to his website many times. I have admired his classic talent and sense of humor so vividly on display in his interiors but I have failed to consider the man himself.

I am not of fan of design competition shows so I don't watch him on TV ( this must change) and I did not buy his book ( this also will be remedied ). Today, following up on a post from a random home dec email showcasing a patent leather JA chair, I took another look at his website and I went past the obvious to really explore it in depth. What I found was pure, hysterical, entertainment! Am I the last to know? Probably. Have you all seen this before? Probably. But for the sake of those few who have not had the pleasure here is what I found under the heading:

Ok, is this available on a poster or wallpaper? I think I need to read it as a mantra every morning. What a fabulous way to look at interiors and design - it's not brain surgery - it's about creating a happy and harmonious environment in which to spend your days and nights along the journey of life. I just love his take on design.

Under the heading of "Musings" Mr. Adler exstoles his new found love for country music in a hilarious tribute that makes me want to run to the store and buy a Brad Paisley album.

After this I hit the button taking me to his blog for The Hufington Post. Another glimpse into the hysterical mind of this colorful and entertaining guy.

In a world where we take things so seriously it's nice to be reminded that we are supposed to be having fun here. Life is meant to be enjoyed and we can all use a dose of humor every once in a while. Thanks, JA for making my day a bit brighter.

On an unrelated topic - Blogger has a bug up it's ass today and won't format my text correctly. Sorry for the weirdness.


Cemaya said...

Mr. Adler is wonderful! I love the 10 Commandments, especially the orange one. :)

{this is glamorous} said...

Definitely agree that life is too short not to have fun :) And my favourite commandment is the mixing of the fancy with the frisky!

{p.s.} Also wanted to say thank you for leaving such thoughtful and helpful design advice for Nicole.

thebubbreport said...

Check out his Bio on the website; it's hilarious! And get the book, it is really really funny and inspiring. It's one of the few design books where I actually read and thoroughly enjoyed all of the text!

You'd probably also like "Confessions of a Window Dresser" by his hubby Simon Doonan. He's a really funny writer as well.