Monday, October 6, 2008

Tracy Porter - A New Look

Prolific home decor artist, ex model, and super mom Tracy Porter has branched out in new directions over the past year. Her new jewelry line is inspired by, among other things, decorative items she inherited from her grandmother including buttons and old fittings.

The collection has the same colorful palette as her home decor products but shows a more mature and sophisticated side to the designer.

I had expected to see frilly charms with birds and butterfly's but I was pleasantly surprised to find these classic, timeless, designs that would compliment almost any wardrobe.

Most of the pieces are over sized and chunky with dangling medallions, drops, and tassels.

These earrings are my favorite. I love classic motifs and unusual coloring.

I could see any of the main motifs in these designs as wallpaper or fabric patterns. You can really feel the influence of her experience in home decor in all of her pieces. They seem very architectural in their composition and the balance and symmetry are reminiscent of home design. Over all I think they are beautifully done and I may have to make some purchases. By the way they are all very reasonable! Christmas List - HHHHHMMMM??????

By the way be sure to check out her blog - here.


Anonymous said...

Reasonable they are NOT!!!

Unknown said...

They're not cheap but I think for the quality and the size of the pieces they are more reasonable than many comparable products I have seen on the market. It's all relative!