Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas at Conde' Nast

Pierre Brissaud 1930 for Conde' Nast

Since my first visit and post about it, I have become a frequent (obsessive) Conde' Nast Store stalker. I am in love with the artwork of cover illustrator and artist Pierre Brissaud (shown above) .

I thought I would take a look through their vast collection of cover art, illustrations and photography for some holiday inspiration and I found these fabulous ladies, all done up for a festive evening.

This stunning red lace Lanvin dress published in 1935 looks like it could be worn by any celebrity on the red carpet today. The illustration by Christian Berard reminds me of the lovely drawings by our fellow blogger, Patricia van Essche at PVE Design.

This image could have been Las Vegas yesterday, it snowed over seven inches here in one day! Although to be accurate if it were a picture of me yesterday I would be wearing my pajamas ( it was snowing, why get dressed!) sitting at my desk and drinking hot cocoa while staring out my window at the snow (It was snowing and I live in Las Vegas - I don't own warm, fluffy winter wear)

This fancy lady is prepared for a snowy evening with her fur coat and muff. I'm not sure what's going on under the coat, are those pants or bloomers of some kind?

This is my favorite - she has really got it going on. That head piece, the pearls, the fur, and the flowing train of her dress - perfection. Plus she's riding away in a sort of motorized, magically transformed pumpkin coach! A new age Cinderella.

While searching for holiday photos I ran across these gems from 1950! The modern woman, hard at work selecting fabrics and finishes for the home. I don't know about you but I have frequently gone to work in my mink coat and evening gown!

Lastly, I love this design inspiration photo. Some things just never change!

The Conde Nast Store has added many new illustrations and photographs to its line up. Get on over there and pick up a few for the Holidays. I'll take anything by Brissaud!


Donna, The Decorated House said...

Oh what wonderful cover art.
I loved the illustrations in your new book, too!
Happy Holidays,

Unknown said...

Great post! The art is wonderful! Well, I must go get ready for work now...I wonder, should I wear the fur coat or the evening dress!?!

Topsy Turvy said...

Snow in Vegas? That's not how I've ever envisioned it!


Velvet and Linen said...

I love that Lanvin sketch.
So feminine and lovely.


Anonymous said...

I am in love with this post!!!! Thank you for such great eye candy!!!
happy holidays!

Unknown said...

Glad you all liked these beautiful illustrations. I'm so happy that Conde Nast has chosen to make them available to the public.

Mary Ruth said...

I love those old Vogue illustrations! I used to have posters of them in my first home. Love the colors too!
Happy New Year!

Karena said...

They are georgeous! Thank you Jackie for sharing with us.