Friday, January 30, 2009

Bedroom of The Week - Carolyne Roehm

I've posted before about my love for designer Carolyne Roehm's master bedroom in her spectacular New York City home. I was floored the other day to run across a lengthy pictorial in an old New York Social Diary post showing her entire home, including some new angles and view of the very large master bedroom that I had not seen before. From the photos I had seen I had no idea of the scale of the room.

This is the view that became so popular in the blogoshphere of the spectacular upholstered bed which was modeled after a late 19th century antique. Apparently Miss Roehm was so smitten with this Cowtan & Tout floral that she set out to cover everything in it. I would love to have seen her upholsterers face when she told him to cover the entire bed! It certainly must have been a challenge fit for only a true artisan but the finished product is spectacular.

The view from the end of the bed shows matching nooks fitted with glazed doors flanking the beautiful period fireplace.

Another view of that wall, again showing off a few of the many antiques used in the space. The entire home is filled with museum quality pieces and yet it has an overriding sense of comfort and hospitality.

This view of the bed gives a sense of the true size of the space, a rarity in the city.

More antiques and a lovely painting. Vignettes are placed throughout the space consisting of personal photos, small collections, and tiny flower pots.

A skirted vanity does not look like it gets much use but it is a pretty addition to the room.

Look at the exquisite detailing and the free scroll work on the pair of Rococo guilt mirrors that flank the bed.

Technology, aka, the dreaded TV, is cleverly hidden behind the glass doors on the fireplace wall. I am dying to know what is in the green and white covered books. Are they covered magazines, they look too large to be DVDs or videos? I suppose they could be albums of DVDs but that would be quite a collection! They are all the same size. What could they be - photo albums - why are they in the bedroom? A mystery!

Check out the entire post at the New York Social Diary to get a look at the rest of her spectacular home.


Pigtown*Design said...

I love NYSD. I've been getting it for ages. I remember when this was published. It's incredible, isn't it?

Hope you're well!

Visual Vamp said...

What a dame!
And NYSD is fabulous too!
xo xo

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Aren't the details of those mirrors fabulous!? Great way to hide the TV, too.