Thursday, January 15, 2009

DIY Throw Pillows

This year will see some changes to my little blog, most notably I am going to be documenting my attempt at completing some unfinished decorating projects around my house. (Look for my longest post ever on the subject in a few days and a sneak peek into my seriously neglected house).

I'll also be giving some DIY tips that I've learned from years of doing things the wrong way and then finally figuring out how it's supposed to be done! Trial and error people - there's nothing like it!

I'll be showing you how to make simple things like throw pillows with my favorite trim - rouched welting.

I'll include some great "cheats" that will allow you to spend less time on construction and improve the finished product.

These photos are some pillows I finished last week for my family room sofa. I've had the sofa for over three years and the fabric for the pillows has been sitting in my office staring at me, waiting to be transformed into fluffy back support but somehow I have not found the time to finish them until this week.

I absolutly love combining fabrics and trims for pillow faces but I hate installing zippers. I ussually sew all of my pillow fronts myself and then send the face and back along with whatever trim I will be using to the workroom and have them finish up the boring part.

In future posts I'll be showing you how to use fusable tape to make perfect pillow fronts and attach trim so it won't travel while you sew it.

There is something special about items that you make for your home yourself. They impart a little bit of your personality into your home that store bought or even custom made products don't have.

Once you finish your project ( as long as you don't wait forever like me) you'll enjoy it all the more because you had a hand in producing it.


Unknown said...

Great post! I didn't know it was so easy to do that! I'm going to be a pillow makin' fool! I'm dying to try it out! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Jackie!
Really pretty pillows you made;0)

You know you can use my Mom's Sealah no-sew tape to put a zipper in?!
Try it sometime;0)

Have a wonderful is like summer at my house today.


Anonymous said...

Good to see you sewing! Can't wait to see what you whip up next. One can never be too rich or own too many pillows!

Anonymous said...

Lovely. The best part about DIY is IG (Instant Gratification)! Can't wait to see what's in store. There's nothing like the hum of a sewing machine to take your mind off this insanely cold weather!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! I can't wait.

Lauren said...

Great job!!! you make it look so simple!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie! Noticed that you don't like to sew zippers. Go to & there are several little videos there to help you learn to put zippers in.
The Drapery Studio

Unknown said...

Thanks Drapery Studio - I'll check those videos out. I know how to put in zippers I just hate doing it - can you say LAZY!!!!!

pve design said...

Voila! Perfect pillows!

Decor To Adore said...

Oh this is very exciting! I'll be waiting...

Anonymous said...

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