Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Keyboard & Colorful Fabric Combinations

Hi, I'm finally back in business!!!

I've been crippled for the past couple of months by a worn out keyboard on my laptop. Not to mention my procrastination in replacing it. My Letter N broke months ago and I managed to repair it ( thanks to advice from my buddy Joni) but it was just never the same. It either skipped completely or registered multiple N's at the same time. You would never believe how many N's there are in the average sentence!!! I had to type my text and then go back and add in the N's painstakingly by hitting the N key about a hundred times to produce one single freaking N. I took my computer into the Sony service center to have them replace the keyboard and they told me that I had to buy the replacement part online and then bring it back to be installed. HUH?????? What the heck! I cannot believe how hard it is to get anything done these days.

Anyway, of course this led to more procrastination in ordering the part, and total inaction on my part. Finally I ordered the part online convinced I was buying some weird generic keyboard that would not fit and could not be returned. To my surprise it arrived and looked like my old keyboard only white and clean unlike my old one which is now stained a nice creamy dirt color.

So, here I was last night with my shiny new keyboard and the prospect of having to schelp back down to the Sony store to have it installed for another $100 bucks and I decided to figure it out on my own ( with technical support from my husband of course) I had been assured months earlier when my N key first gave out by Joni, of Cote de Texas that I could fix it myself - so armed with that confidence I dove in. I looked up instructions given by some random guy who claimed to have the secret ( didn't get his name) on the internet and began removing the 185 screws that held the back plate in place. I swear every screw was a different shape and size and I had no idea how I would be able to put this thing back together. I tried to make a crude diagram of the back plate and tape each screw down to its approximate location so I would have a slim chance of getting them back in their appropriate location.

Half way through the screw removal surgery my husband suggested that I should probably look up an official site for instruction to which I said - I don't need to do that I know exactly what I'm doing! So when he came back two minutes later with his laptop and the official instructions that showed that I had just removed 50 extra screws that I shouldn't have he was victorious! I put back the unnecessarily removed screws as best as I could according to my non-official diagram and the removed the ones that the official instruction page told me to.

Okay, I know this is getting boring but I am just so happy to be able to type all of this effortlessly that I am running on. Anyway, I finally figured it all out and got the case open, popped out the old keyboard, put in the new one, and put the back plate back on along with the numerous screws.

Only two problems arose. I dropped a minuscule screw into a crevice while trying to put it in it's hole and it is now inside my laptop in an inappropriate place that I cannot get to and it will surely cause my laptop to catch on fire or explode in days to come. Secondly, I got all of the screws back into the back plate until the last one for which I had only 1 screw left and it does not fit? What the hell! I will hold on to it so when the screw rolling around inside ( by the way I don't know where that one is supposed to go either) breaks something that I have to be repaired by professionals, maybe they can find a home for it.

Bottom line: Yes my new laptop keyboard is working beautifully but that may end at any moment due to faulty screw application or the metal time bomb that I let fall into my computers guts. There are some things that are perhaps best left to the professionals!

Colorful Combinations Check out these fabulously upholstered beds by the UK company Belle Maison.

They use a lot of Tricia Guild fabrics and have such a great eye for matching patterns that you would never think could blend together.

These pictures make me want to paint my entire house white and throw in bright colors. Maybe once the recession is over!

I love this colorway! Delicious.

This is the tame version. Personally I like the more vibrant beds.

Thanks for sticking with me during my blogging lag. Now that my keyboard is working I hope to be posting regularly again. Stay Tuned!!!!


cotedetexas said...

funny who taste is - I prefer the last bed the most - I LOVE IT!
ok = its a Sony, right?

Sonys are known for having the worst and hardest keyboards to replace. and there is always just one major screw in the back that is hard to find and the keyboard will not come out until it is removed!!! most other computers's keyboards are really easily replaced. I TOLD You you could do it! the only trouble I've ever had is the connector - sometimes that doesn't connect easily. I had to trash one just because of that. oy. congrats - aren't you proud!

Cemaya said...

Welcome back! :)

What beautiful beds. I enjoyed all of them but the 4th one is like you said 'delicious'.

Pigtown*Design said...

You crack me up!

Renée Finberg said...

wild and wonderful.
I happen to think they would be faboo in a teens room !

or.......in a hotel or B & B


nice to see you resurface !