Thursday, April 9, 2009

Customer Service - Alive & Well at Microsoft

In a world that is often times devoid of personal service and lacking in corporate accountability I was AMAZED at this email I received today.

Hi Jackie-
My name is Jeff and I work with the Windows Outreach Team. Sorry to hear that your experience with Vista hasn’t been what you had hoped for. I’m not sure if these tips will fix your specific problems, but nonetheless they should help speed up your computer a bit.
Windows Outreach Team

Well my new friend Jeff let me just say that in my few years on this earth and as an author who writes books teaching design professionals how they should provide exemplary customer service to their clients I am blown away by your quick and helpful response. I posted this blog entry last night around midnight west coast time and I received your email sometime between then and 10 am this morning. You were hard at work trying to solve my problem even while I was sleeping!

Now I am new to Vista but I am a die hard PC user (yes, I originally was a MAC but I jumped ship years ago) I am sure that most of the difficulty that I am encountering can be put down to user error and a learning curve. But how splendid to know that Bill Gates is monitoring his web hits regarding potential problems and sending helpful employees like Jeff to solve our problems and put our minds at ease.

My husband is a militant MAC head and thinks my loyalty to the PC is insane, but is Steve Jobs up late at night sending out

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