Sunday, July 5, 2009

Still More Pillows !!!!!

Am I driving you crazy with these pillows? Sorry - I have pillows on the brain.

This is a set of four different designs each in a vibrant full color. They will be printed on a gorgeous washed linen-cotton blend ground cloth. I can't wait to show you the real thing!

These fun pillows show my Zebra Stripes pattern, that will be available as yardage, used as the background with a floral embellishment complete with some lovely butterflies.

These will be printed on a rich cotton canvas that adds a great rustic texture to the design.

I hope to have some photos soon of the real deal but I am still waiting for test prints. As soon as they arrive I will post some snaps.


Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Cant wait to see the real thing, although the pictures are lovely. Soft furnishings are the finishing touch, aren't they? XXXX

Unknown said...

Thanks Jacqueline, They will look much better when they are printed on the fabric.

The Ivory Pearl Team said...

you're not driving us crazy. They're lovely!

Michelle said...

Those Chinoiserie pillows are to die for...just amazing! You are such a busy lady Jackie! Can't wait to see more...please take pics of them after they are in production.

Sanity Fair said...

The pink and green look beautiful together! I really enjoy botanical patterns, especially enlarged ones like these. Can't wait for the pictures!

Unknown said...

Jackie...these are STUNNING. You are so very talented!!!