Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Las Vegas World Market &Traditional Home Magazine

Charlotte Moss & Me at the Traditional Home Magazine, Icons of Design Dinner

Does this first picture give you any indication of what a great time I had at the Fall market event here in Las Vegas?

The Opening Night Party & Concert

This Fall’s event was so impressive and larger than life it was hard to believe I was in my own backyard. The owners and organizers have worked tirelessly to set this market apart in every possible category. It is a very different market than High Point and I believe there is plenty of room for both. The Las Vegas market seems to be focusing on cutting edge design, technology and a foundation of quality education. Being an interior designer nothing could make me happier.

Tony Baratta, Candice Manroe , Margaret McCurry, Dan Carithers

Partnering with Traditional Home Magazine to celebrate their 20th anniversary, the Design Center hosted what I believe was a once in a lifetime series of seminars , live webcasts, and networking events, that brought the elite of the design world face to face with market attendees.

Timothy Corrigan, Laura Kirar, Vicente Wolf, Susan Salk

I’ve attended many design events all over the country and I have never had the opportunity to meet and interact so intimately with such a large group of A list talent anywhere else. It was a truly inspirational series of events. Randy Wells and Margaret Casey of the Las Vegas World Market Design Center did a fabulous job.

Nina Campbell & Me

Overall, the market seemed well attended with serious buyers. The mood was much improved over the last event in January when the full impact of the countries economic woes had just become clear. It felt as if the industry is on the verge of a comeback and in an environment where attitude is everything I think we’ve come a long way to turning a corner back to positivity.

The Effervescent Diamond & Baratta

Chinoiserie is still going strong - I die for these! Tozai Home

The usual hunt for new product was fun as always although there was a lot of merchandise that has been there for a few seasons. Manufacturers seem slow to turn over new designs in this slow economy and who can blame them? There were a few strong trends that came shining through.

Global Views

Strong Contrasts of color and black & white were everywhere as were mirrors of every shape, size and combination. The mosaic walls of mirrors at Global views were a stand out.

Global Views

Loved the wall mounted lanterns oin either side of this mirror collection. The bar cart is fab as well.

Global Views

Fantastic take on the sunburst mirror. It had a decidedly undersea creature vibe.

The same mirror in a gold finish, love it. Orange was everywhere, it was the color of choice for many vendors.

Global Views

Asparagus green was another color used in abundance inaccesories and furnishings. I loved these pinapple lamps and finials.

Of course for me the highlight of the show was seeing my new book for sale at the Potterton Books booth!

If you get the chance to make out here to market you will not be dissapointed! Hope to see you at the next show.....


cotedetexas said...

wow! you look so gorgeous! and what fun you are having. I'm so proud to know you!!!

Hill Country House Girl said...

Wow. Cute photo of you and Charlotte Moss. Looks like a fun and inspiring time! Congrats on your new book, too!!

Hill Country House Girl said...

One more thing - I am so jealous that Margaret McCurry was there. Did you visit with her? I have admired her architectural style for years. What an event!

Tracy Watier said...

Wow. Now that's the kind of celebrity event I would love to attend--who needs actors and musicians when you can meet Charlotte Moss and Dan Carithers?! Thanks too for letting us know that the mood was positive about the industry turning around--my bank account is happy to hear that!

HOBAC said...

Now I shall have to check to see if Potterton have your book in their London shop. If they do, there will be no excuse now for me not having it.

vicki archer said...

What a fabulous event Jackie.. Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

Donna, The Decorated House said...

You look fabulous! No need to ask if you had a great time, it's in the pictures.

I just saw your windows book at the bookstore. Wow! It is simply amazing. I have even more appreciation for the work it took to put it all together!

Ivy Lane said...

Congratulations on your book!!

love those pineapple lamps!!! ohh..and that starburst mirror...and....and......:)

What a great night that must have been!

KayEllen said...

How wonderful Jackie!!

Looks like a fabulous time and beautiful vignettes!!!

You looks so pretty :)

Congrats Again!


Anonymous said...

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