Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Design Directory of Bedding ~ Giveaway!!

The books are here so it's time to give a few away to some lucky readers!

I'm giving away three copies so just subscribe to my blog and leave a comment about why you want my book, and you're eligible to win!

If you are already a subscriber please just leave a comment telling me why you want my book and you will be entered.

Winners will be announced on Monday.................Good Luck!


Janet said...

Oh Jackie, I would love your book. It would be a great help in my ID studies at school. I am studying textiles and design materials currently and this would be a great aid. I would love to share it with my class mates. Thanks for the great giveaway. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why do I want to win a copy of your book?
Why does a human want to breathe? !!!!

Claudia said...

I love you first book and encourage everyone to buy it on Amazon.com.

Winning your bedding book would be fantasic to show all of our students at Home Fashions U.


Madison Lane said...

We need that book for the shop. It will be a great enticement for customers who need custom bedding. We already use the window treatment book.
I subscribe through google reader!

Teresa said...

I would love to win this beautiful book. I have your Directory of Window treatments and would love to add this to the collection of beautiful illustrated treatments.
I enjoy trying to figure out the way to make them, I have a one person work room. I use your book for idea's. With the bedroom treatment book it would help to show the customer your bedding ideas. Thank you for the chance to win ,

Marie~Window Designs Etc. said...

Top 5 reasons I would love your book

1.It is the perfect tool to show clients what I am thinking for their bedding.

2.It will increase window treatment sales to include bedding.

3.You have drawing talent so your professional sketches look 1000% better than my attempt at a sketch

4.I will feel balanced when I have The Design Directory of Window Treatments in one hand and The Design Directory of Bedding in the other.

5.You can autograph it for me when I take YOU to dinner at next year's IWCE and we can reminisce about having dinner a few years back when you were just starting the window treatment renderings.

Are those five enough good reasons?


Christine said...

I would LOVE to start my JVT collection with this book! I paged through it at our Richmond WCAA seminar last month and it truly is stunning!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I am already a follower and I would like your book because I am trying to market custom items more and being able to have the appropriate visuals with me on select client appointments gives me a better chance of having the client make a positive decision. Clients need to see visuals and I bring as much as I can with me to appointments. Plus, I think great bedding makes the bed the focal point it should be.

Nicole Kemer said...

I love to read your blog and look forward to each new post. I have used your Design Directory of Window Treatments book to assist me with designing stylish treatments for my clients. I own a one person workroom and really enjoy your fresh style. Designing bedding is not one of my strong points and your book would be an invaluable resource. I'll keep my fingers crossed that I will be one of the lucky winners! Thanks for this opportunity. It is SO generous of you!
Nicole Kemer
The Impeccable Nest LLC

Ruth Zahler said...


Why would I want your bedding book. It just goes with out saying that we could show my clients just how we could use your new fabrics. It's just inspiration. A visual is worth a thousand words.

And you know it's all just plain fun.

Ruth Zahler

Tonya Strong said...

I have heard your name and seen your designs on Studio, but I really don't know much about you or your designs and I would love to add your book to my reference library. I would love to poor over every page and see something new and inspiring. I'm sure I would become JVT crazy, like everyone else.

Robin said...

I saw the new book at our recent WCAA meeting. I can't wait to get my hands on it. It is so yummy!

Ginette Minor said...

Hi Jackie,

I think I should be the first one to have it in Canada...since I take your other book to all my customers homes!!!

Ginette Minor
Genuine Stitches
Ontario, Canada

Sue Sifakis said...

Hi Jackie,
I would love to add this book to my resource collection of books,

Laurie said...

Your Design Directory of Window Treatments is my MAIN resource when creating treatments for my customers. The inspiration in your designs feeds my soul. I would love to also have the Bedding book to help create those peaceful places we all need at the end of the day:)

Pat Hart said...

I would love to win your new book. Your drawings and ideas are wonderful. As a southwest Naples, Fl workroom, we are sadly lacking in good examples of bedding (and I forget to take photos). I'd loved to have your new book to show our customers, stimulate our collective imaginations, and give our business a boost in the bedding area. Thanks!

Pat Hart
H&R Drapery
Naples, FL

Kim Chagnon said...

Your book would be a great addition to my ideas library for clients who need a visual. I find visuals really help in designing exactly what they want.


Chrystal Younger said...

I would love to have your book to add to my growing collection of books, because I am a bookahololic. Thank you for turning out another great book!

Tammy@InStitches said...

I missed winning it by one number in the drawing at our WCAA meeting. It's really beautiful. I just love looking at beautiful things !

Unknown said...

Your designs are inspirational. When I open your Design Directory of Window Treatments, I want to make one of everything. I am sure the bedding book is the same!
Designs by Donna
Donna Cash

Scarlet Poppy Interiors said...

Hi Jackie, we met at CHF, your first class you taught there .

I need to give it away too !! Thanks to the first book I just landed a large design group. 6 talented women.....they just lack one thing...your books !! I plan to order a set as a thankyou !!

Scarlet Poppy Interiors
Fabrication Studio

jacque said...

Hi Jackie... I think your first book is so outstanding that I just can't wait to get a copy of your bedding book. Clients who see your designs are just in "awe" of what can be created with fabrics. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Unknown said...

Your bedding book would look great next to my Design Directory of Window Treatments! Indispensable!

Sarah Porter-Braun said...

Wow- Would I ever LOVE a copy of your book! I've just launched an interior design & decorating firm (Topiary Interiors -website is almost up!)and already have four clients! A resource such as yours would be invaluable. I already own your other book and use it all the time. Many thanks for your offer!
BTW - CAN'T wait until your product website is up!!

Anne Lubner Designs said...

Hi Jackie,

As I told you at the latest IWCE Award ceremony, I love your window treatment book and use it all the time; in fact, I'm bringing it to a client design meeting today. Your gorgeous designs and drawings inspire me and clients oooh and ahhh over them. It makes it easy to show them the difference is in the details!

I'd LOVE to win your new bedding book as I know it will be every bit as helpful and inspiring as your window treatment book. Being able to show clients your creative and artistically drawn designs would help them see how beautiful their bedroom can be. Having your new book would help me increase the beauty in the world!

And if I win, I'll take you to dinner at IWCE too! :)


Between the Seams said...

Number one reason why I want this book is INSPIRATION.

It will be a valuable tool to use when I design and make beautiful bedding and pillows, just as your other book is a valuable source for me when I design window treatments.

I enjoy your Design Directory of Window Treatments, very much, it is the only book I take to client meetings. I want to carry a Bedding book with me as well to increase my sales.

Thank you for putting it together!

Jane O said...

YOur drapery book is so phenomenal - I know the bedding will be, too! Bedding is one area where I get bogged down, and seem to do the same designs over and over - need the book to be more creative!

Vickie H. said...

You are an amazing designer and your illustrations are superb! I would love to have this book in my design library! You are unsurpassed!

missy said...

I need that book. It will be a great compliment to the 1st design directory. And it will look so pretty on my book shelf.

Annah of Sweden said...

Oh I would love to have your book, just for me and also for our customers that needs tips in bedding!
I´ll cross my fingers and pray... :-) Thanks! /Anna owner of Annah of Sweden

Hill Country House Girl said...

I already subscribe to your wonderful blog! I need your book because the majority of the work I do is helping people when they want to re-do their bedding and/or their window treatments! Also, I LOVE the peacocks!!!

Gerrie said...

Your artwork is sublime and your styling inspirational. I never grow weary of looking through your designs.

I would love to have a resource for my sewing projects.

C+SK said...

This is an easy and tough one... easy to answer why I want your book and tough because of all the fabulous answers so far...

I would LOVE your book because I have your window treatments book that in fact I used in a client's meeting just yesterday (and I do have an 11-year-old "client" who would like an upholstered bed - part of the same project). I would LOVE your book because it's an invaluable resource. And because I LOVE LOVE your sketches!


Unknown said...

Thank You for your latest book creation. I use The Design Directory Of Window Treatments I really love the cd for quick visuals and adding to my clients files. It's perfect! You've thought of everything! The two books are a powerful set that far exceeds any other.

I want to win a copy of The Design Directory Of Bedding because:
Great tools like your book are life and time savers.
The cd is great to have the visuals a click away.
This book eliminates using bits and pieces to explain to others your design vision for their home.
My Birthday is this month (23rd) and I can't think of a better Birthday wish to come true to enhance my design abilities.

Thank You!

Laura said...

I can make beautiful bedding and accessories, I just can't draw them! Your books help clients to see what they can have in a few weeks.

Lee said...

I loved your first book. I love to just look through it and take in the beauty.

I love this book. Now I have to divide my time between the two.

If I won a copy of the bedding book, I'd give it to a friend who makes custom drapes, slips, etc. She was my older son's den mother and made my first slips for a comfy chair my DIL wants. She also made some pieces for her next door neighbor, whose home was featured in an early "Victoria" magazine. It would be a pleasure to pass on this beauty to someone else who would appreciate it.

Thank you for joining other designers in promoting Breast Cancer Awareness!

Paula Snyder said...

Jackie, I already have purchased your new book and I just love it! Your art work is absolutely inspirational, and such a valuable resource! I would like to win a copy to give to my best designer, to encourage her to SELL some of those marvelous bed treatments you have sketched. PLEASE PICK ME!

Dian Garbarini said...

My library would not be complete without your new "baby". What could be more delicious than settling into a cozy chair and flip through your book? I LOVE your illustrations and designs. Truly inspiring.

Anonymous said...

I would love your new book Jackie, I have the perfect room to start with one of your design ideas, My master bedroom, its been needing a new make over and I'm at a loss for ideas for the bed. This room needs it after 15 years.

Ronnie Knapp
Treasure's Abound Interiors

Mary said...

Hi Jackie,
I booked 3 window treatments within weeks of purchasing your Directory of Window Treatments. She also wants to do her master bedroom and she liked the idea of see your Bedding book. Winning one would be an added bonus for my client presentations. Thank you for this chance to apply.
See you on Facebook again.

Rosa said...

Jackie, I do not have any of your books yet. I hear from my associates at WCAA how wonderful the books are and I would love to add them to my library. Thanks for the opportunuty to enter in this giveaway.

Anonymous said...

I just bought a fabulous solid wood french bed at a store going out of business. It was a great buy, but it needs decorated! Your book would provide the inspiration and direction needed!


Connie Valente said...

I am inspired by your designs and would love to share all of the new sketches with my clients.It helps us all be more creative, and having the book to show will save the time to create the renderings later!
Connie Valente

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, I would love to win a copy of your new book. I love your website and have your site setup as my homepage! I look forward to the emails alerting me to your new posting. I love your style and art work and you have been very inspirational for me.

Keep up the great work!

Lori Kelly

Lori Kelly

Beth Jankowski said...

I was just recently introduced to you by my workroom, Bonnie. I love your creativity and enthusiasm. I have mainly done windows for the past several years. It always helps to show the clients visually what I see in my head. It seems like I always start getting business in the area that I need to learn more about. Recently, that has been bedding. I have so much to learn. I would love to have your book to help me create beautiful bedding for my clients. I also would share it with other workrooms, fabric stores and designers.
I look forward to your future posts and following on your journey.
Thank you for this opportunity!

Michelle said...

I want to get a peek at your wonderful renderings!!


AMAC said...

I would love to have your book! We have recently built our dream home and I just don't know where to begin with decorating. Our bedroom is a blank slate and I only have white sheets and a white duvet on the bed. My daughter has a beautiful bedroom but no bedskirt and I am looking for inspiration!

If Joni recommends it.... I know it must be super stunning!

Many thanks,

Vicki said...

Hi, I have just subscribed. Love to win the bedroom book as my daughters and I have just moved into a new home and in need of bedroom inspiration. Thanks :)

DecRenew Interiors said...

Jackie: Congratulations on your new book!!! I just ordered both books and can't wait to sit with my coffee on a cold fall day to read them both. What a gift you have. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us! I'll be showing your books to clients as I work with them and create their rooms. Thanks to Joni Webb for directing me to your blog. I'll be back to visit.

Blessings to you!

Kristen said...

Being a curtain maker for as long as you have, I can't tell you enough how beautiful your drawing are. I would be flattered to have a signed copy! This book is as fabulous as your last book. I would recommend everyone in the design trade to get both of the books.
Most designers & clients have little idea of how fabric handles or how draperies & bed coverings are made. Both of your books would be so helpful to all parties.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to have a copy of your book Jackie. I saw the first one in PA and just had to snap it up. I am sure the bedding book is just as wonderful, pure eye candy! And besides, where would all those lovely bedroom windows be without equally lovely beds.
Congratulations on your success!

Unknown said...

I have been a follower for quite some time. I would love to have your book to re-create the four bedrooms in my home. Thank you so much for all you share with all of us. Your blog is just fantastic.


Rene said...

Hi Jackie,
I would love the resource of having the latest book. I've sent you photos of my work in the past, designs that were inspired by your blog and current publishing's. I'm having my first baby in 5 weeks and need something to read besides pregnancy books~!
Rene Costabile

Karen/Elsie Eleanor Designs said...

I love fabric. I love everything about it...the colors, patterns, textures...everything! So of course I need to get my hands on every book I can that has anything to do with fabric! I have resourced your window treatments book many times so I am sure your bedding book will be just as fantastic!

Unknown said...

Hi Jackie, Congratulations on your new book. I am currently studying Interior Design and your books look great. I would love to win a copy, I could learn so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie! Oh, I would love to win your book! I need all of the help I can get! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

elena said...

Hi Jackie!! I am a book addict and would loooove to have your book for my budding little company. Why?

1. I WANT it!
2. I NEED it!
3. I Long for it!
4. Gotta have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you great success!!

Elena : )

Kelsey Dean said...

We have a two year old and I want to redo our bedroom! I believe a fantastic bed is the key! I could sure use some advice and inspiration! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Would love the chance to learn from your new book. It looks amazing.

Emily said...

I am just starting design school and I know this is a book that will be in my library forever! It looks fabulous!

Kimberly B. Gray, Allied Member ASID said...

I am an adjunct instructor at Cuyahoga Community College, East Campus, Cleveland, OH, and currently teaching an elective window treatments class. Rather than require a text, I recommended your window treatment book, and after the students saw my copy, the majority of the class purchased it on their own accord: A testament to its practical yet complete content! I would love to win a copy of your new bedding publication. I know it will be equally as good.

b freed said...

I currently am the workroom of choice for two fine bedding shops and have my own clients as well. I always looking for new ideas (even the smallest detail) to keep my work fresh and my mind stimulated. Your designs are magnificent and timeless; they show details that are captivating to my sensibilities. I am eager to share the beautiful photos in this book with my family and clients and look forward to applying your ideas in new settings. It will be both a challenge and a pleasure to recreate your designs and make us both proud. Thanks for sharing your gifts. Beth

Donna said...

Your book looks amazing! It would be a privilege to be able to use it. Before putting my home on the market, I made my bedroom look the way I thought buyers would like to see it. Now, after taking it off the market, I am anxious to make it all MINE and I think your ideas will definitely help me do that.


Clay and Fiber Artist said...

Another book?!

I can't stand it.

The perfect partner to your window treatment book!

Kathy said...

I would love your book- I'm in need of some bed ideas- I've been without a headboard for too long and would love see the possibilities! Thanks, Kathy

Suzanne Mink said...

Why wouldn't I want this book? I have enjoyed, used, shown, and given as gifts your Window Treatments book and everyone who sees it is thrilled by the gorgeous treatments. And now more but on bedding? There is no reason to not want the book!

Suzanne Mink
Touch of Mink

Unknown said...


Unknown said...


Congratulations on your beautiful new book. Your illustrations are beautiful. I can't wait to see the new bedding designs as well as your new fabric line. I would love a copy of the new book. Best of luck to you.

C. Serrano

Unknown said...


Congratulations on your new book and fabric line! Your illustrations are beautiful. I would love a copy of the new book. I think the books are a great reference tool. Best of luck to you.

C. Serrano

Shelley said...

I am in the middle of decorating our new house.

Pam Miller said...

I am new to this blog/post thing and having trouble.

Jackie, I received your last book for Christmas and loved it. I even fell asleep drooling over your beautiful treatments. Please don't make me wait until Christmas for the bedding book!I would use it for my bedtime stories.

prefab granite said...

I really want that book since forever. I am a design enthusiast and learning interior designs and capable of developing it are my hobbies. If you give me a copy, surely be applied. Thanks for the opportunity! God Bless!

okorindear said...

Why would I want your book? Why would I NOT want your book. . . All that cozy-ness - reading it would be like a delicious afternoon nap.

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Anonymous said...

Mrs. Jackie, I would LOVE to win your new book on beautiful BEDDING ideas. Heck I would LOVE to win your book on WINDOW TREATMENTS. I am not a professional, just a fabric, decorating, antiques, junk, flea market, flower gardening, full time working in Law Enforcement SOUTHERN WOMAN. I have always loved beautiful fabrics and love touching and collecting fabrics. I make my own curtains/bedding for myself and for friends. I would love to see all of your designs and use some of your bedding ideas. Please enter me for the winning book. Thanks!!! ibgardning