Monday, October 26, 2009

Henrik Simonson ~ Inspired Art

I've got a new art crush ~ from Denmark by way of the UK meet Henrik Simonson. Much of his work has a distinctly Asian tone with a bit if grunge and whimsy thrown in for good measure.

He describes himself as a painter but would rather say that he draws his work. The foundation of his art is the drawn line with paint being a co-conspirator in the process.

His pieces have great depth from the layers of sketching, paint and more sketching.

On his website he speaks about his process and the fact that he likes to leave remnants from deleted motifs behind by only erasing them lightly so they show through in the finished work.

His use of color in washes with strong highlights is soft and soothing to the eye.

Even his vibrant red pieces have a soft quality to them that is hard to achieve with such strong pigment.

Limited edition prints are available of many of his works through galleries listed on his website.

Visit it here.

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