Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bennison Goes Bold

Certain fabric lines bring to mind a very specific image for me and Bennison is one of those companies. The sheer mention of Bennison makes me think rich, traditional, elegance. I expect to see beautiful, intricate, yet subtle, patterns in somewhat muted colors on their fantastic linen grounds. The stunning room pictured above and the fabric below are typical of the fabrics I've seen from them for many years now and they have long been a favorite line for many high profile designers.

Today when I went to their website looking to see what's new this is what I saw!

Huh? I love the fabric but why is there a zebra standing on it?

This is their new collection; a beautiful blend of super bright colors on linen using traditional motifs.

This seems a bit Dorthy Draper to me.

Companion Stripes

Sort a Florence Broadhurst vibe here.

More Stripes.

What do you think of this new direction? Do you want to see the status quo from certain brands that you love or are you okay with them doing a bit of experimentation? Are there certain brands that are doing such a good job at one thing they should just stick to it instead of trying to be something they're not?

Let's Discuss......


The-Countrypolitan said...

I'm still trying to figure out the zebra... perhaps it represents a horse of a different color (or stripes).

I like the combination of bright patterns in the window seat photo.

cotedetexas said...

well- it's a different look, but not for moi, that's for sure. hehe. love that first picture.

vicki archer said...

I feel committed to the old fashioned soft hues when I think of Bennison. I love the muted tone on tones of their washed out linens. The Florence Broadhurst style pattern is pretty but not a patch on their original patterns. I understand they want a share of today's more contemporary marketplace but I suspect it is not what they do best....xv