Monday, January 4, 2010

Heading to Heimtextile

Happy New Year!

Frankfurt Trade Show Center

I'm counting down the days until I take off for my European design adventure! Nine days left to be exact and I still have a lot to do before I go. Got to wrap up some work on The Power of I, my new book for Minutes Matter which will debut in April. I've got about a hundred drawings to finish for the first JVT Bedding module also for Minutes Matter. I've got fabric orders to fulfill and I need to get the kids ready to go back to college! Nine days? No problem!! I'll be gone for three weeks, two with my group of fellow designers and one extra week with the hubby in Paris.

Messa Frankfurt

The first stop on my Germany - France tour is Frankfurt, Germany for Heimtextile the worlds largest textile trade show. I've always wanted to attend this show and I still can't believe I am really going. I fly to Dallas and then get on a 9 1/2 hour flight to Frankfurt - UGHHH! Can you say leg cramps!!

My fellow traveler and Germany roommate Arizona designer, Susan Woodward, will be on my flight so hopefully we can spend some of that time planning our trade show attack strategy. I will be meeting up with Deb Barret, Susan Schultz, and a few other travelers in Frankfurt. Deb and Susan are the seasoned tour leaders and I am so looking forward to hearing some of their stories from past shows as well as picking up some tips about how to see the show at it's best. I can't imagine trying to navigate this trip on my own - it will be so much more fun with a great group of fabric and design addicts like myself!

I've been all over Europe but have never made it to Germany before. They tell me that Frankfurt is a very modern, industrial city that isn't much for sightseeing but apparently there are a few pockets of vintage German architecture that were rebuilt after World War II.

Most of the city was flattened by Allied bombs during the war. It looks like they tried to spare the Cathedral.

HEre is the most famous section of the old village. Doesn't this picture make you crave a beer and a pretzel? I plan on having a few of both!

Romer Square, Frankfurt Germany (via www.Panoramio)

I've been obsessing about the weather because it's just a tad bit colder over there than in Las Vegas. We're talking a high of 30' - 20" lows of 12' - 0' or below. Not something I am used to but I have been assured that I will hardly notice it! Yea, just like visitors to my home town don't notice the triple digit heat here in August.

Hauptewatche, Frankfurt Germany ( via www.panoramio)

I've already done quite a bit of shopping for cold weather gear, something that is in short supply here in Vegas.

Here is my fabulous although wayyyyy too expensive coat that will hopefully keep me from freezing (thank you Nordstroms - you came through for me again)

Packing for three weeks in Europe in the middle of winter is no easy task but I will admit to you now that I have lost my mind! My husband thinks I have really gone around the bend. Whenever we are going on a long trip I put out what I'm taking on a rolling rack so I can make sure that everything goes together etc. Well - the rack for this trip came out right after Christmas! I keep adding and subtracting items to it and worrying about how it is all going to fit in my very tiny suitcase. I am really becoming OCD about this as I get older. Oh well, for me it's part of the fun of traveling........

Next Post - Cologne, Germany and the IMM Cologne show


Tammy@InStitches said...

It sounds like a fabulous trip. Have a great time !

Linda Merrill said...

Jealous, I'm so jealous!!! I was at Maison et Objet 2 years ago. The weather was quite warm and beautiful - no winter coat needed. But then I'm from New England and don't even think of wearing a winter coat till it's below freezing. But, I would recommend layering. The winter coat is fab, but you don't want to be schlepping it around the hot show. And it was HOT inside at M&O. Also, the floors were awful, different levels, rugs thrown over mismatched flooring, wire and cable. So, bring very comfortable shoes for that reason alone. Will you be blogging from there? I was going to try to, but had technology problems and was never really able to.

Unknown said...

Linda, I'm going to try to blog using my blackberry but I always have trouble over there so we will see! I'm not bringing a laptop - I don't want to schlep it around. The coat is actually pretty lightweight and can be rolled up and stuffed into my roller bag that I always take to shows. I am temperaturly challanged! Wish you were going, maybe next year.

Thanks Tammy !

the paris apartment said...

Oooh what a trip do do! I hope you take us along as much as possible!
Happy New Year, can't wait to get your new book!

textile lover said...

Happy to hear that you are coming to Heimtextile which is my huge favorate as well! I always enjoy reading your blog. If you have a little time left, please visit '' Wiesbaden '' . It is the city I live and 30 minutes away from Frankfurt, full of gergous Villas and architectures! Also, it is a '' Kurcity '' it mean they have lots of hotsprings and spas in which you can relax yourself from cold air outsid. You will love it! Well, I just wanted to give you some tipps. Enjoy!!!

Unknown said...

Oh Textile Lover - Now I want to go to your home town is sounds divine! I don't know if I will have time. Are you going to Heimtextile?

Textile Lover said...

Unfortunalty I can not make it Heimtextile this time, because I will be visiting Tokyo. Too bad...otherwise I would love to ask you to meet at Messa or even in Paris like you are planning to meet people. Anyways, have a beautiful time in Europe!

Caroline said...

so LOVE the jacket!

Michelle said... want to be doing something as cool as you!! Have fun!