Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Oscar Fun with Architectural Digest & Roger Thomas

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Well I teased you in my last post with the beautiful rendering by Jeffrey Schneider and now I have another special treat for you!

This time lapse video, so generously provided to us by Architectural Digest, provides a fascinating look into the real life step by step process of interior design construction and installation! It takes a village to raise a child and a huge team of very talented artists and craftsman as well as creative manufacturers and vendors to decorate this green room.

You can see Roger hard at work, arm in arm with his team, putting everything in it's place. He's the very distinguished looking gentleman with the white hair and although I couldn't see them ,I am sure he is wearing one of his signature pair of colorful shoes. Constructing and installing all at once in such a small space must have been particularly challenging. You can see the work table still busy as the furniture is already being brought in. This type of install is like a complicated symphony and it takes and experienced and talented conductor to pull it off.

The room looks stunning and has Rogers usual flair for the dramatic while at the same time addressing the purpose of the room which is to provide a quite, calming, space for nervous nominees! It is a room that could be installed in any home as a main living space. It's not overly themed or kitschy as some rooms have been in the past. I love the reference to the golden age of Hollywood with the painted floor, use of mirror, and formal seating arrangements. Perhaps I am a bit biased being a Las Vegan but I believe he has done a fantastic job!

What do you think?


La Petite Gallery said...

I hope this computer isn't on the fritz, They were moving like the Keystone cops. Very clever post.
I wish I had a team like that for half a day.


Kate Coveny Hood said...

This reminds me of films we watched in school science classes. But it was way cooler than watching flowers bloom or butterflies emerge.

I love the final result. Just amazing.

Unknown said...

Kate - Isn't it fun to watch although I wish it were a little bit slower so you could freeze frame each slide. I'd love to see it in greater detail.

vicki archer said...

That is so fun that film...I love the end result, xv.

Susan Dench said...

Wonderful - thanks for sharing!

rochambeau said...

Hi Jackie Blue,
This is cool, thanks! It takes a lot of energy to create!!

Dropping by to congratulate you one your two beautiful books!!!!!!!!!!! Bravo ~


rochambeau said...

Dear Jackie Blue,
Just left a comment, but didn't go through. In case it does, sorry for repeating myself.

Thanks for this youtube. It is a great reminder of how much energy goes into creating something wonderful.

Congratulation on your two beautiful books!!!
Bravo Bella !!!!!!!


Style Key West said...

Fascinating! Wouldn't we all love a team like that to do intallations lickety-split? I do think he achieved the goal of a soothing calming environment.