Monday, May 3, 2010

Passion for Peacocks

I’m just to tired to write an intelligent post tonight so I thought I would share some of the new images I have filed in my “Peacock Obsession” file – enjoy!








350_peacock peacock beaded tray-516003





* Also too tired to give credit – sorry – if I have used your image please let me know and I will gladly link it.


vicki archer said...

Lovely images Jackie...I hope you slept well and are more rested by now, xv.

Madison Lane said...

As soon as I saw your post on Peacocks I thought about the Kansas City showhouse. The master bedroom has peacock feathers stenciled on the walls. Sounds scary, but they are only a couple of shades darker than the pale greyish-lavendar of the walls. Maybe they'll show pictures of it after the tour is over. It was soothing, but the colors had a lot to do with that. Each feather was as tall as the wall.

Tammy@InStitches said...

Love your peacock post ! I did my Mom's room in a fabric that has peacocks on it, I'd love to get your pillow for her birthday...

The Armchair Parisian said...

Love them! Thanks for the collections.

Amy said...

LOVE this post! I used to chase peacocks around our pool when I was a baby, so this made me smile ;) Happy Wednesday! *Amy

Nancy said...

I, too, have always had a passion for peacocks. I'm anxious to work your peacock fabric into a room design. Loved the jewelry pieces, also.

Lauren said...

jackie- cannot tell you how much i LOVE your peacock pillow!! THANK YOU!!!

La Petite Gallery said...

I too love peacocks, I was told along time ago they were bad luck??
Who cares, Right..


Mélanie A. said...

Love this post. Your cushion looks divine

kay ellen said...

Such a pretty blog entry Jackie!

I adore peacocks and your fabric on the pillow is beautiful!!

Hope the show was a success!! I really missed seeing you all!

I took a photo of a peacock the last time I visited Hawaii~~ now I am the hunt to find it!!

Recovering from surgery, doing fine just taking it slow this week~~

Take Care,
Kay Ellen

Christin Lauren said...

Just beautiful... I like your passion, what great pieces!!!
Love the egg and the necklace (and the prints, pillow, etc ;)

Ruby said...

I have loved Peacocks since I was a child, both the actual bird , the colors inspired and the images ..thanks for sharing! If I had not already written a blog on my page I would have mentioned yours as well in it! Thanks for sharing!

Lucy said...

Love these images..

I often look at peacocks (some live near my mum's house).
Then I think about how a woman feels when she is in an amazing ball gown or evening dress and knows it..
Then I think, how unfair that women rarely get that, whereas Peacocks get to walk around every day strutting the kind of detail most women could never afford to reproduce in a lifetime, they'll never have a dress like that.
I mean good for them, you know, I'm happy for them..
But still.

ghost chair said...

love peacock feathers! the colors are great - that's one of very few species where the males are infinitely more fashionable than the males, as a general rule :)