Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keep the Kids Busy on Thanksgiving


Check out this fantastic site   It’s a free site where you can download and print great paper patterns to cut out and color that turn into 3D toys for kids as well as adults who grew up loving building dioramas for school projects like I did. 



The Thanksgiving selection is good for a full day of occupying the kids while the Turkey is in the oven and the result will be a great table centerpiece that they made themselves. 


This is a site that really makes me love the internet for its ability to share creativity and good will which is in such short supply in this world. 



Many of the patterns can be downloaded in black and white so each piece can be customized in color by the builder.  I personally would have spent endless hours as a kid coloring and building these great models. 



Check out the completed Castle. capitol-3

The US Capital



Shakespeare Old Globe Theatre.



And of course lady liberty. 


Let the kids go wild.  It’s free to download and only cost you the price of a sheet of paper and a box of colored pencils. 

I think this would make the perfect gift for your kids friends -  print out a selection of these, throw in a box of pencils, a bottle of glue and you have a present that will give them hours of joy and entertainment.    Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Of course I LOVE La Tour Eiffel! Just might have to print it out and put it together!

Thanks Jackie!
Tammi xo xo

Rebecca Grace said...

This is great! Thanks for the link. This is a perfect stop-hitting-each-other-with-sticks-and-settle-down-so-I-can-cook activity for my boys on Turkey Day. And I'm with you, Tammi -- I totally need la Tour Eiffel smack in the middle of my Thanksgiving tablescape!

Unknown said...


Great way to get children interested in the concept of design also.

How fun!


Karena said...

Wow Jackie, these are great projects!! Thanks for the tips!

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Art by Karena

full queen outlast blanket white said...

Really nice post! i think that is A very nice way To busy the kid in A better activity!