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Finally! ~ The Power of Marketing is Here!

The Power of Marketing (A Guided Tour)

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Power of Marketing Tour

Marketing is too important to be left to chance; it is the driving force behind your company's success. A meticulous plan is critical to effectively communicating your company's services, priorities, and unique abilities.

As we've all seen, innate talent and hard work are not enough to sustain a healthy pipeline of clients. Every business needs to build brand recognition, expand their business, and generate substantial profits. So here are a few questions to ask yourself...

-Are you sure your clients know what makes you unique and of high value?

- Do you know what works, or more important, what doesn't work when it comes to marketing?

-Are there things that you could be doing to create a more balanced flow of income?

If you paused when answering any of the above questions, it is probably time to rethink the way you're communicating with your potential clients. The Power of Marketing by Minutes Matter will guide you through an intense four-week curriculum developed to inspire creative marking ideas and breathe fresh air into your business. The Power of Marketing reveals the secrets of three of the industry's award winning innovators, Debbie Green, Casey Green, and Jackie Von Tobel.

The weekly sessions are live and will include our unique Power of Marketing book in electronic format. Recordings of each session will be sent to every person who registers. Register by March 3rd and save $50. Note: Even if you can't attend the live sessions you will still receive all the recordings.

The Power of Marketing (A Guided Tour)

Power of Marketing Tour
1st Session: 03.08.11 at 1:00 pm (EDT)
  • The Power of Identity
    • Develop Your Own Pitch
    • Create a Marketing Plan
  • The Power of Branding
    • Build a Strong Brand
    • The basics of fonts, colors and graphics
    • Branding everything from business cards to napkins
2nd Session: 03.15.11 at 1:00 pm (EDT)
  • The Power of Successful Tools
    • Showing off your work
    • Storyboard - a new and innovative approach
  • The Power of Publicity
    • Make yourself famous
    • Build your credentials
    • Showcase your talent
  • The Power of Blanket Marketing
    • Magazines and newspapers
3rd Session: 03.22.11 at 1:00 pm (EDT)
  • The Power of Generating Leads
    • Create a powerful and systematic referral system
    • Build partnerships with non-competing businesses
  • The Power of Qualifying Clients
  • The Power of Lasting Impressions
    • Did you remember my birthday?
    • Say thank-you in a unique way
    • Get that in writing
  • The Power of the Internet
    • Websites, Blogs and Facebook
4th Session: 03.29.11 at 1:00 pm (EDT)
  • The Power of Budgeting
    • How much money do you need to spend?
  • The Power of Getting it Done
    • When will you be done?
    • How will you know what works?

The Power of Marketing (A Guided Tour) includes:
  • Four live sessions
  • Recordings of all live sessions
  • Electronic Storyboard (in Studio format) (see preview below)
  • Avatars (in Studio format) (see sampling below)
  • Power of Marketing book in electronic format (chapters sent in conjunction with live sessions)
  • Design Articles (for use in blogs, magazines or newspaper)
  • Design Contracts
  • Resource Documents
  • Worksheets
| Preview of Electronic Storyboard |

|Sampling of Studio Avatars to be used in blogs, magazines or newspaper articles |

Register before 3/03/201 1: $347 (Save $50)
Use Promo Code: POM50

Price after 3
/03/2011: $397

Marketing is our passion,

jackie, debbie, casey

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