Monday, May 30, 2011

IWCE ~ Surtex Whirlwind


May has been a busy month with trade shows almost every week. First was the IWCE show in Vegas. We sponsored a Slipcover Showcase booth to show off the many talents of some of the countries best slipcover artisans.

IMG_2139I sent templates to some great gals all over the country and they sent me back the most beautiful slipcovers made with my fabrics.


The ingenuity and craftsmanship of these gals is amazing. People just flipped for all of the designs.


I took some really bad photos of them all but luckily my good buddy Kay Ellen was there with her fabulous photo skills and she managed to shoot a couple of good shots.

6a00e54fac40428834014e882c492e970d-400wi The Zebra striped Bergeres were a crowd favorite, possibly because people could sit and rest their aching feet!


Kay Ellen is a pro stager and she grabbed this pillow from another booth to show it off on the zebra ground. I think they look great together.

6a00e54fac404288340154320ba2c0970c-400wi The Vanity table from Ready to Cover turned out so cute! I love the zebra hem.

IMG_2120m 6a00e54fac40428834014e882c49b5970d-400wi

Thanks so much to the very talented Teresa Bennett , Deb Fowler ~ Christy Statz ~ Kippi O’Hern ~ Emily Pettit ~ Barbara Roth ~ Linda Meeks & Jackie for making these beautiful slipcovers. I will be posting about each one of these talented ladies in the next couple of weeks so stayed tuned to see more of their great work.


The next stop was my debut at Surtex, the nations premier trade show for artists who license their work for surface and pattern design. Companies come from all over the globe to meet with artists and find new art and patterns for their goods. This is where designs for tabletop, wallpaper, fabrics, stationary, and much more are bought and sold.


Here I am in my booth. It was such a great experience and I learned a ton about this new industry. My daughter Angelica and the handsome hubby came with me to help and we all had a great time.

IMG_2302 We tried to lure in attendees with lots of candy!


Angelica was a pro as always. IMG_2285n

The handsome hubby and I went to the opening night party for the ICFF ( International Contemporary Furniture Show) at the MOMA Sculpture Garden and we had a great time. The ICFF and the National Stationary Show run concurrently with Surtex at the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in Manhattans each year.

IMG_2315There were some really great booths at the show – so much talent and creativity! I hope some rubbed off.

IMG_2313 Loved those paper pinwheels.IMG_2325

This was our neighbor from the UK, little Alfie. He was the show stopper. IMG_2322

We had great neighbors and met a slew of new friends and caught up with some old ones as well. IMG_2416

There is always a surprise every time I go to New York. This is what I ran across walking back to the hotel one rainy day. A Hawk just hanging out on the sidewalk. It was surreal. I’d always heard of hawks living in the city but had never seen one and I never thought I would see one just two feet away from me.


In short we had a great time as always! Here’s Angelica and her Dad drinking champagne at the MOMA! What a great time.

Now I am back home putting the finishing touches on my slipcover book that I have to hand into my publisher on Wednesday! More to come soon.


Anonymous said...

Darn it! I was in NYC for Kravet's Blogfest 2011 at the same time and didn't realize Surtex was at the Javits Center! We had tickets to ICFF there but didn't make that either. I would have loved to meet up and see everything firsthand. The slips look great. Best of luck wrapping up the new book. I'll be first in line!


BJ lantz said...

Hi Jackie - was great fun finally meeting you (and handsome funny hubby) at the opening night party at Battery Park. There is never enough time to chat with all the wonderful folks in is industry! And remember, I am available for Sherpa service to Paris, LOL


Donna, The Decorated House said...

Hi Jackie~
Fabulous slipcovers!
Loved the new chair illustrations too. So happy to see so many good things coming to such a talented lady.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your booth looked great! The wall design reminds me of trim (okay, I'm obsessing about trim because I'm buried in trim samples and have been agonizing over the perfect picks for a client's project for the last three hours). But anyway, in my passementerie-induced stupor I stopped to read your latest post, and when I saw your booth photo I thought, "Are those tassel tiebacks drawn on the wall? Is Jackie coming out with a trim line?!! JACKIE SHOULD COME OUT WITH A TRIM LINE to coordinate with her gorgeous fabrics!"

NR Designs said...

LOVE the slipcovers -- so inspirational! I'm glad you were able to share this fabulous time with your family in NYC.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Congratulations on so many levels! Your designs are wonderful - some whimsical and some elegant (through my eyes) and the mix of them is delightful. I am crazy about the mixes in some of the slipcovers, and the possibility of wall coverings, etc. In your designs is fabulous! I know you have worked long and hard to get here and you deserve every bit of success coming your way. You also have a great looking daughter and husband! Best wishes for continued success and happiness. Ann

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