Thursday, June 9, 2011

Room Redux at My House ~ Part 1




I don’t mind saying that I think my husband is a bit of a hunk.   Even after all of these years he still looks pretty darn good and he’ll tell you so to!   Unfortunately, when it comes to his tennis shoes ( he would say “kicks” or something trendy like that)  he thinks he is thirty year old rap star.  07b521d89e21ac1ee1f22229bcd758a2_view


These are the, apparently super rare, limited edition,  “Tiffany”, Nikes that he was sporting to work this morning.  He  has hundreds of shoes ( I am not exaggerating) and as many clothes and it has become somewhat of a running joke in our house.  He has completely taken over five ( yes I said 5 ) of the closets in the house  ( I have one) and they are all filled to the brim.  So,  since his birthday was last week and its been three years since any of our three kids have actually  lived at home,  I decided to clear out my sons room which had been serving as a sort of catch all storage area ( since my husband was using all of the closets).  As his birthday gift I am turning it into his “shoe” room. 


This is the kind of ridiculous stuff you start doing for each other after your kids fly the coup.  Sounds romantic doesn’t it?  After a week of sporadic cleaning and throwing away of old junk the room is finally clear and the shelves are ready to go up. 



I am sure that this is what my handsome hubby has in mind when I say “shoe room”.




Or perhaps this lovely design.




How about this?  It has a great nautical sort of flair combined with rugged woodsiness.




Now this is actually more his style – super clean and modern.




Before you get too excited let me bring you back down to Earth.    Here is the reality of the poor man’s shoe room!  Granted,  it is a work in progress.  Just got a few of the uprights attached to the wall before I realized I had bought the wrong type of screws.  It’s been a couple of years since I have piloted power tools and my construction skills are a bit rusty. 



I am actually excited that he will have this space of his own.  The girly bed will be moved to the downstairs guest room and a more masculine bed brought upstairs just in case one of the kids does show up.  It needs some window treatments and the rest of the shelves put up and then the shoe installation will begin. 


I’ll keep you posted!


Coming up – Handsome Hubby isn't the only one in the house getting a new room!  Stay tuned to see my new art & sewing studio come together in what was once my daughters room. ………..

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Tammy@InStitches said...

Oh how Mr. Stitches would LOVE a shoe room ! I can't wait to see your new sewing room.