Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Projects for the New Year


I’m starting off the New Year like I ended 2011, by working. After a great weekend with the Hubby, family and friends in Del Mar, Ca, I am back in my office working on new artwork. January 10 will be the anniversary of my decision to delve into the world of art licensing. It’s been a fun and educational year for me, culminating with my agent, Jan, from Painted Planet Licensing taking my portfolio to the Atlanta art licensing show for the first time.


After a lot of trial and error I finally feel like I am slowly defining my style after a year of bouncing all over the place with no direction. I’ve never thought of myself as an artist. I’ve always related more to the title of designer so it’s hard for me to think of my work as art. I guess I see myself more as a decorative artist or product designer. Trying to compete in an industry filled with amazingly talented “real” artists is pretty daunting but I am no stranger to rejection and failure. They have been my constant companions throughout my various careers and I have always somehow come out ahead. Probably because I am so stubborn and just work myself to death until I get it right. Practice makes perfect!!!


My next huge project for this year is the illustrating catalog for the Helser Brothers Jackie Von Tobel Collection catalog for my signature drapery hardware line!!!!

I am thrilled to be working on this and we plan to launch the line at the IWCE show in Chicago in April. I can’t wait to see it all finished. This has been a huge undertaking for Helser Brothers and they have been fantastic to work with. I can’t wait to show you all the finished product line – it is Fabulous!!!!

I hope you are all working on fabulous new creations in your lives for the new year. May 2012 see all of your dreams and aspirations come true………………………………….


rochambeau said...

Beautiful bird art Jackie Blue!
Happy New Year to YOU &
Congratulations on your project with Hesler Brothers!!


Rebecca Grace said...

Jackie, you know I love your drawings, especially these beautiful botanicals and birds you're doing lately. I can't wait to see your hardware line with Helser Brothers. It's going to be unlike anything anyone else is offering, it's going to be spirited, elegant and fun, just like you, and I can order it from my favorite hardware company -- what's not to love?

Happy New Year and may 2012 be filled with happy surprises and hard-earned success.

Lee said...

Jackie, This bird fabric is gorgeous. I love your illustration and bright (but not too much) coloring.

I hope your new book comes out soon. I've been holding off on some projects until I have your book in front of me.

My best to you for the new year. Lee

Unknown said...


It will be an adventure worth all the ebbs and flow to get there. Best to you in 2012 how exciting!