Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Favorite Rugs - Feizy Rugs

I am in Love with Feizy Rugs!  

Valentines Day is just around the corner and I am getting in the mood.  Here are just a few of the rugs that I am in love with from Feizy Rugs.  It is so hard to pick favorites because I have so many.  Feizy has such a large selection of rugs for every price point, style, color, and function that you are sure to find what you are looking for.


The rich vermilion hues of the fantastic Villi, reptile skin patterned rug are sublime and I love the color and the sheen of this design that make it seem to glow with richness. This rug is guaranteed to put some serious romance into any room.


What's not to love about this fine feathered floor piece? It is a great example of the ability of the design team at Feizy to translate emerging trends into well designed rugs that will bring your rooms up to date in style.  I adore the colors and the feather pattern as well as the distressed texture that adds depth and dimension to the design. 


The Brixton rug is a great interpretation of the trend towards natural materials translated into pattern. It has such a great organic flow and such subtle elegance but at the same time it packs a big punch of color and texture for any room.  The jewel tones of the blues are right on trend and appeal to my love of color.  This organic pattern could work equally well in a very modern or transitional space.  


Vivendi  is one of many rugs designed by Tracy Porter, Poetic Wanderlust for Feizy.  I have been a fan of Tracy's design for years from her painted furniture to her tabletop designs and of course her rugs.  She has such a unique design aesthetic that adds a dose of sophistication together with a big helping of Bohemia and mixes it up to create fantastic patterns that always sport a great palette that can mix into a multitude of spaces.


I love a good graphic pattern but I also love texture and patina so this rug hits it out of the park. Lorrain has strong bold graphics with a lovely fading patina that soften the hard corners of the trellis motif.  I love the light play that goes on in this design and how the two worlds of graphics and texture mix together so seamlessly. 


Estelle brings to mind Gustav Klimt's "Woman in Gold" with it's decidedly Art Deco tone.  The natural hues and textures also remind me of stone and sand mixed together in the beautiful way that only mother nature can achieve.  I also love the color gradation in this design.  Depending on how you place this rug in your space it will look completely different from one end than from the other.

I am so excited and honored to be designing rugs for Feizy as part of their Haute Trends Collection and I can't wait until I can post my designs here for you to see.  Until then have a Happy Valentines Day and spread some rug love!

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