My Office 

 When I closed my Interior Design business and moved my office into my home I wanted to be sure that I still felt like I was going to work every day.  I moved a lot of my furniture from my showroom into the new office (my former sewing room) and gave it all a nice new coat of white paint.  Even though it is totally thrown together from pieces and parts that weren't built to go together it turned out just fine.  Amazing what white paint can accomplish!  I love going to work here everyday and I'm happy to share it with you.
This space is usually never this clean!  It got dressed up for its photo shoot.

Machines at the ready - they have since been moved into the new sewing room / art studio

I love seeing the sun shine through my old glass candy dishes

Every day I look at my little blue bird of happiness - it reminds me to smile

Marty in the drivers seat

My fabrics hanging in a row

This is my fireplace that never gets lit.


I’ve been working from home for the past few years and I truly love it.  I am much more productive and less distracted so I can get more done from home.  I am the type of person who works all day, every day,  so having my “stuff”  around me here is a great benefit.  Up until the last year I had my office and my studio in the same room and it tended to get cramped and very messy at times.  The office is right off my master bedroom and you can see it from there so I like to have it neat and tidy if I can.  So, after my daughter was gone at college for three years I decided to bite the bullet and take over her bedroom as my new art studio. 
Now I have plenty of room for my sewing machines, fabric, art supplies and everything else.  It is still very much a work in progress.  I am looking forward to putting up some Jackie Von Tobel drapery hardware from Helser Brothers soon so keep tuned. 
I did this room on a serious budget of $100.  I used all existing furniture that I had.  ( Yes, I can be a pack rat and had a lot of stuff in my garage including some old furniture I had made for my husbands office that he outgrew)   The only thing I bought was a few gallons of white paint and a couple of unfinished doors to serve as tabletops.  I slapped a coat of white paint on everything, including the floor, and called it a day! 

My favorite piece in the studio is a rolling cart that my sister Trudi gave to me.  I can roll it out into the center of the room and walk around it 360’ or I can tuck it neatly under my larger table so it’s out of the way.  I am also filling the walls with my kids art that they did as little ones.  I would much rather look at that than anything else.

I have tons of storage plus a huge closet that is far to messy to show you.  I’m sure I will fill it up in no time.  My office helpers above are hard at work fighting with each other!   Just like the real thing…..

This is what they can usually be found doing.

I love working in the new room.  It is so bright and sun filled and most of all it’s a constant reminder of my beautiful girl.  I left her yellow paint just as it was, warts and all.  It makes me smile every time I walk in there. 

You would think with all this new studio space that my old office would be perfectly organized and never messy but here is my desk today.  It’s just as crazy as ever but that’s how I like it.