Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Pleasing Pillows

I've been doing a lot of illustrations this week and I'm well into my section of throw pillows for my Bedding book so I decided to count the total so far. 252 !!! uniquely beautiful pillows for all of you fellow pillow freaks out there to make. My books do not include how to information, only simple explanations of the design. Most of the designs are made from very basic elements and can be easily made by any soft treatment workroom. Here are a few you might like from my section on Pillows with Bows or Ties. They are only in black and white at this stage but I will post them again once I do the color version.


Unknown said...

Your illustrations are wonderful!!

meroSmero said...

Thanks for the tips, I love pillows, mainly embroidered by hand. Know my work in my blog and