Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Homage to The Peak of Chic

If you aren't already a devotee of the fabulous design blog The Peak of Chic, visit it immediately for a crash course in fine design theory and inspiration.

Today's Peak post shares some stunning paintings of interiors by James Steinmeyer and Jeremiah Goodman. Looking at these wonderful paintings I was reminded of the work of a talented artist, Page Laughlin, that I came across some time ago who uses images from shelter magazines as her inspiration for her paintings.

When I first saw her work I was awestruck. They are the most inspirational and thought provoking images of interiors that I have ever seen. She has the ability to capture the emotional resonance of the room.

When I look at these paintings I feel as if I am transported into the room.

Page is clearly an under achiever! She was named an Echols Scholar at the University of Virginia and received her MFA at the esteemed Rhode Island School of Design. She is currently a Professor, and Smith Young Family Research Fellow and Chair of the Department of Art at Wake Forest University. (Hope I got that all right)

This quote from Laughlin's website gives us a glimpse into the motivation behind her paintings.

"In the subject matter of my paintings, things are often not quite what they seem: lovely interiors, on closer consideration, lead to disquieting seduction; wallpaper details, luscious statuary, give way to recognition of issues of power and subjugation. I try to make work that has beauty to attract and complexity to sustain observation." Page Laughlin

I am so impressed by this kind of exceptional talent. I am looking forward to seeing her forthcoming works.

See Page Laughlin's work featured in Traditonal Home Magazine.

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annechovie said...

Thanks for featuring this outstanding artist. I saw her in that Traditional Home article and was fascinated! Her work is so unique and beautiful.

Barbara Jacksier said...

Just gorgeous! Thanks for making me pay attention. I hadn't visited Peak in awhile. Just too many great design blogs to keep up on.

Unknown said...

Anne, The painting of the chair reminded me of yours. Isn't it fascinating how one artist can see things so differently from another?

Barbara, How right you are, so many great bloggers. What a brave new world these people are creating for us all!

cotedetexas said...

I love this, I'm going over to the web site to visit, Thanks Jackie, excellent post. Building on from another blog to make it even better. Thanks!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Joni. You all have given me such inspiration. It keeps me on my toes!

The Peak of Chic said...

Thanks for the kind words Jackie! Page's work is amazing!! A bit reminiscent of Goodman's work. I've got to visit her site ASAP!

Unknown said...

What beautiful renderings. Thanks for introducing her on your blog.
And I agree with you on Peak's Blog.I find it very informative and inspiring.

Unknown said...

I only wish I could afford to buy one of her paintings. I have put them in my long list of treasures I wish I could afford!