Monday, August 6, 2007

More Goodies from the World Market Show

CAS- Creativity * Assortment * Style - is a well established production art and mirror manufacturer. They produce a huge selection of mostly traditional pieces that are infused with a classic elegance that will never go out of style. Their trend oriented items posses a timeless quality that keeps them ahead of the curve. In a line that includes over 500 items over half are design exclusives. All this and a very reasonable price point make them a staple in any designer's source library.

Coral done right! A classic interpretation of an overdone trend - these prints could hang on your wall for centuries and remain in vogue. This particular set of prints is offered in two sizes with two frame options.

Shells - another popular motif today. Understated and elegant these monochromatic prints would add class to any interior.

A classic black and white floral on a grand scale - these botanical beauties are 50 inches high!

I am absolutely in love with this collection of prints that make up a large - 4.5' x 3.5' image of "Old London". What a great way to fill a large space!

Beautiful turquoise mattes with ivory detailing frame this interesting set of prints with lofty titles such as Obstinacy, Flattery, and Fortune.

A traditional Victorian, fretwork, curio mirror is given a modern twist with a matte black finish.

This gorgeous mirror is finished in a French gold with a turquoise glaze. The juxtaposition of the traditional styling and the trend forward coloring is wonderful.

Another example of the wonderful finish shown above in a very traditional French tryptic mirror.

The modern black frames on these cobalt matted prints showing vintage light "machines" is another example of this companies ability to mix old and new to create classic.

The companies website is easy to navigate and shows the bulk of their collection. Click on the link to take a quick tour.


The Peak of Chic said...

Thank you for letting us know about this source! The prints are all so beautiful!

Unknown said...

You do need to pick through some not so spectacular stuff but for the most part this line is a real winner.

cotedetexas said...

I really like the oversized black botanticals. I'm going to the web site. Did you cut your hair yet? Go do it! I loved those styles, - not that your hair looks bad, it doesn't - those just are so youthful!