Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Ottoman Empire

No! - Not those Ottomans! The upholstered variety.

I've always had a soft spot in my design heart for ottomans. They are versatile, stylish, and functional. I never knew a room that couldn't use one. Here is a collection of my recent favs.

Bright Red Ruffles from HollyHock. I really like the updated country look of this frilly oval.

A similar oval shape with a sophisticated tailored box pleated ruffle is available from Old Hickory Tannery. Also from Old Hickory Tannery this unique draped ottoman shown below is tufted on the top with a free flowing skirt. It looks like a blanket has been thrown over it. This would be great in a bedroom.

Antique mirror paired with a sleek upholstered top makes for high style in these two fabulous pieces from Amy Howard. I love it when items are offered in multiple shapes and sizes that you can mix and match.

Hate the fabric choices in these pictures but love the exotic shape of these boxy ottomans from Century. I have done this one in white leather with black leather trim and it is stunning.

Barbara Barry uses oriental overtones spice up this piece. I like the angle of the upholstered top and the legs are a show stopper. You can find this beauty at Barbara Barry for Baker.

The cabriole legs and classic nail head detail are offset here by the high, square, lightly tufted, cushion. I just love the lines of this one from Dino Mark Anthony.

Another great find from Dino Mark Anthony is this Quartet of tufted squares. This is such a versatile design and I love the legs.

A trio of traditionally inspired bench ottomans from Oly. Don't you love the reversed cabriole leg at the back and the claw feet?

This zebra covered version also from Oly would surely make a dramatic statement.

I think the design of this oriental is flawless. You can pick it up at Century.

Another Century oval has a lovely banded skirt. This piece could be very soft and mellow as it is shown in this cream linen or you could really spice it up with a more dramatic color contrast.

Two adorable leather drums with nail heads from Old Hickory Tannery.

I like the unique shape of this Burton James ottoman. It looks like a biscotti!
Finally an updated classic with a tall cabriole leg and a nice curve in the frame with a tight cushion from Henredon.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooooh, pretty! I adore ottomans also. I have a red & gold silk fluer-de-lis one in my LR. All of these are so classy favorite is the zebra.....great style & added drama to boot! Thanks for sharing!

ALL THE BEST said...

WOW Jackie what a great post!! Love all the eye candy!

Unknown said...

Bonnie - I like the zebra to. Thanks for commenting.

C+SK said...

It's funny - only recently did I realize that ottomans are better for informal living rooms and all of a sudden I am noticing them everywhere.

My husband and I love to have dinner sitting on the couch and watching TV, especially on weekdays. We have a coffee table that invariable has magazines on it, magazines that I end up putting on the floor to make room for trays or plates, or sometimes (I confess) (usually after the meal) to put my legs. Then it occurred to me that we need to put that table elsewhere and get an ottoman! :-)

Great post!

Things That Inspire said...

There is a store here in Atlanta that stocks Oly, and as soon as those Zebra ottomans hit the floor, they are sold!

My favorite is the Amy Howard silvery ottoman.

Brilliant Asylum said...

Your first line made me laugh out loud. LOVE the Amy Howard pieces. Terrific collection of ottomans. Do we sense a new book project in the works?

Unknown said...

Sarah, Those are my fav's as well. I love that she does them in two sizes.

Unknown said...

I'm always researching, you never know !!! Actually after I finish the Bedding book I'm writing now I move on to Soft Furnishings - there should be a chapter or two on ottomans and benches etc.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are going to keep yourself in the book business for years to come! You'll become a standard in design books.

Love the ottomans!

Unknown said...

Mellisa, That's the plan. My fingers are crossed.

Unknown said...

What a great round up of ottomans.
I think you might have the beginnings of another book?

Jenny Froh said...

It's amazing all the different styles!!!! My favorite is the box pleated one, but they're all beautiful! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jackie Blue,
Adore your parade of The Ottomans! So unique is The Ottoman of Ottomans. All very inspirational!

Thanks for stopping by,

cotedetexas said...

I don't believe it! The first one you featured is my all time favorite from Suzanne Rheinstein. I love that ottoman! great post.


Unknown said...

Hi Patricia,
Fully upholstered ottomans will be in my third book The Design Directory of Soft Furnishings. I'm always researching.

Unknown said...

Hi Jennifer,
I think that one is one of my favorites as well. I love the shape of it.

Glad you enjoyed them.

franki durbin said...

I'm so hooked on ottomans I can't stand it. whether used as seating, tables or (dare I say it) footrests... they are versatile and gorgeous. I hope they stay 'in' style for some time.. because I have not intention of letting mine go!

Cheryl Ensom said...

Loved that!