Tuesday, September 18, 2007

These Guys Give Me the Blues

The "Dynamic Duo" of William Diamond and Anthony Baratta have certainly carved an impressive niche in the world of the design elite. Publishing over 75 projects over the course of their careers is an outstanding accomplishment. I admire their business sense and ability to market themselves to the uber rich, but I have never been a super huge fan of some of their decor. Many of their projects appeal to me but some are a bit too jarring and kitschy for my personal tastes. But who am I to judge? They are the design superstars not me!

I was looking through their website the other day, trying to decide whether or not I would pluck down some serious bucks for their new book, I was surprised to see that it was exclusively stocked with photos of blue rooms. Traditional blue rooms - modern blue rooms - whimsical blue rooms. Blue, Blue, Blue.

Blue & White - Black & White (love those chairs but I know there's blue in that room somewhere - wait - one of them is wearing a blue shirt, tie & hanky! I knew it!)

Yellow & White - Blue & White again - a ton of Blue Plaid! Love the pastel bedroom- I want that carpet.

Blue & White with super Bright Accents

Light Blue & White - Red, White & Blue (for that crazy Hampton's crowd!)

More Red, White & Blue ( I like the slip covers on the dining chairs)

More Blue & White ( the room at the top left is gorgeous)

Finally! - a wild card - Turquoise Blue & White. ( I dig this whole pad - it's very groovy but fun. I love the hallway with all the drapery)

Now please don't think I am Diamond - Baratta bashing. I'm not. I just don't get it! I feel like I'm missing something that everyone else understands.

Don't their clients get sick of seeing each other's Blue interiors?
Don't the guys get sick of working with Blue?
Is this just a small Blue cross-section of their current work?
Their accolades in HG and other Design mags say that they are geniuses in working in different styles. Is this because they only use Blue?
Even their book cover is Blue?
Does anyone have the book? Are all the photos Blue?

I am sure they have a wealth of current projects that are not blue - I would just like to see them. However, as they are uber famous world renowned designers I am sure they do not need my vote of approval on their blue streak.

Maybe I need to choose a signature color?? What should it be?? Hmmmm? Blue!!!!!!!!


Things That Inspire said...

What a fun post! I am a fan of blue, but only in the bedroom (for some reason...it is very soothing and calm, which is great for a personal retreat).

Unknown said...

I love blue. It was always my favorite color as a kid. I just thought it a bit strange that they show so much blue.

Anonymous said...

I am with you on being tired on blue! My french country DR drapes dictated my whole color scheme downstairs when we built 3 yrs. ago since they were so expensive I couldn't leave them. I had blue & white toile wallpaper in my former DR but none here. I have Restrained gold in the DR to match the little bitty flower in the french country blue & white check........I want to drown the blue & white checked with little yellow flower drapes with tassel fringe things......give me red, green or some other color!!!!!! please with sugar on it....... Bonnie

Mélanie said...

Wonderful and inspiring . I love the carpet with pastels colors , actually I love a lot of things in this post. Too long to write evrything

Mary said...

Although I love blue, I find that it's best in a bedroom -- calming and not too sweet. The only exception might be a deep blue dining room with lots of white wainscoting. I think that Diamond and Baratta's rooms are fun to look at, but I can't quite shake the feeling that they might be a tad too much to live in -- like living inside a colorful painting!

Unknown said...

Bonnie - Thanks for commenting. Your DR sounds lovely. I know what you mean about being cornered into design decision by one item you can't give up! I've been down that road myself.

Unknown said...

Hi Melanie,
I love that carpet too! It's fun but soothing at the same time.

Unknown said...

Hi Melanie,
I love that carpet too! It's fun but soothing at the same time.

Anonymous said...

I am a total Diamond and Baratta fan; I've clipped pictures of their work from back when Diamond partnered with Pauline Feldman.

I have the book, of course, as well as a large folder of clippings; so I can answer that yes, they do use other colors. Their summer cottage (A.D. July 1994) is kind of woodsy-campy(as in "summer camp") and mostly in red & green. It was also featured in Country Living, Dec. 1996; it showed a bookcase wall filled with National Geographics - very yellow, very graphic.

They did a "bee" theme house in yellow, black & turquoise for Baratta's sister. I doubt a regular client would have given them the carte-blanche for that!

The book features a house done mostly in pink for a female client. I love it!

Before I caught on to Diamond and Baratta, Mario Buatta was, and still is, a favourite of mine. I have always been a fan of color and I appreciate the bold, graphic approach which Diamond and Baratta bring to interiors.

Seaside House Renovation.... said...

Hello Jackie..only just found your blog and I love it! I'm renovating a seaside house in England and have been busy collecting blue things for the main living room..love all your blue pics!