Saturday, October 6, 2007

Dress Your Windows with Drape Couture

I was recently introduced to Monica Macha, the creative force behind a new custom drapery company called Drape Couture. She designs custom window treatments inspired by runway fashion. In the picture below a model is "wearing" a drapery panel from Monica's reversible lined drapery collection.

Drape Couture offers several different heading options and can customized a one of kind drapery collection for retail stores.

New to the line are decorative tie backs with exotic flourishes made from feathers and silk flowers.
The fabric selection is predominantly silks and a variety of coordinating trims are available.

Pillows and bedding are available as well as a children's collection. Monica is currently working on a line of drapery inspired by men's wear that will be constructed of pinstriped wools and wool solids.

The companies main focus is on reversible double sided drapery panels. I think they have a great idea however currently they are only offering silk fabrics which are not appropriate for exposure to sun. I would have to recommend a separate liner panel to protect the fabric from sun rot and fading. I'm looking forward to following their progress and seeing how they continue to emulate fashion in their designs.


Anonymous said...

Jackie before you leave Philly, can you drop by my house and do some window designs for me? I will have brownies and chocolate chip muffins waiting and a bottle of wine!~xo (and you bring a signed copy of your book!)

diana murphy said...

Silk and taffeta and trim, oh my!! Looks like a great company; thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

They are beautiful! Thanks for the link, and the preview, Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie.......Oh....pretty! i love WT's.......especially silk! I bought some silk ones yesterday from a girl on a decorating board for my DR.......I have some custom FC blue & white check with yellow flower in the center of the check (heavy cotton) with valance attached that cost be a small fortune to have done by a dear friend designer here - LOL! But I am soooooo tired of them & want to swap out new colors in my new home. I had to plan my whole color scheme around those drapes when we built as the plan was open floor space & couldn't leave them in my other home. (only 3 yrs old then - I had toile wallpaper there - probably 6 or 7 yrs old now) These have no header or fringe but I need to think up a creative way to add some flair to will be checking back ...maybe something will dawn on me - LOL! I have silk in the LR with necklace is so lovely hanging!

Unknown said...

You should have emailed me - I would have been over in a heartbeat. The conference was fun but I had a lot of down time and I definitely could have used a glass of vino! Next time I'm in your neighborhood I'm coming over!

Unknown said...

Diana & Mellisa - Glad you like them. They're simple but classic and she has a great eye for color.

Unknown said...

Shameless plug but you should check out my book. There are tons of ideas in it.

Anonymous said...

I need to.......can you order it online at

blah said...

Dear Jackie - I was wondering where one of my friends had sent the link for Drape Couture from and it was you! I would love to get these but we have so much sunshine - not a bad thing at all - but not good for Silk curtains I know