Thursday, October 4, 2007

Meeting Michael Payne

I'm in Philadelphia this week at The Custom Home Furnishings Conference produced by Draperies and Window Coverings Magazine. The keynote speaker today was Michael Payne of HGTV's "Designing for the Sexes".

I've never watched many of the "design" oriented shows on TV but I have caught his show a few times and he seems to be the real deal. His speech today was surprisingly funny and full of energy. I had envisioned him as being ultra conservative but he was quite approachable and engaging.

I had the chance to meet him after lunch and I gave him a copy of my book. He's promised to read it and write a review for me - so we'll see if he follows through or if he was just saying anything to get rid of the crazy lady with the book!! He's writing a new book of his own about the remodel of his 1948 bungalow in the Hollywood Hills entitled " House of Payne" .


kari and kijsa said...

How exciting! We saw a preview of your book on Bella Pink Cafe- looks wonderful!
kari & kijsa

Linda Merrill said...

Michael spoke in Boston a couple of years ago at a designers event and he was great! Very engaging and down to earth. I also heard that he spent a lot of time walking the trade show floor, visiting booths and introducing himself. He did the same with the folks who worked the ticket booths and security. A really nice guy all around!

Pigtown*Design said...

Hope you like all the nice warm weather we've got here for you! Was this show in Baltimore a few years ago? If so, I went with some design friends from Tucson.

Anonymous said...

Oh how funny, I just wrote a post on including your man in on your decorating. I thought about him a couple of times while I was writing it!

I am so excited about your book, that is great that you got it into his hands! I am sure he will be very impressed!



Cheryl Ensom said...

Oh how exciting! I hope he follows through!!! :0)