Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines - Birthdays & Big Ben

Happy love everything and everyone day! Time for romance, red teddy bears, stale chocolate and really bad roses that only last half a day.

Normally, I would be complaining that my birthday and Valentines day are one in the same and they are lumped together as one event at my house cheating me out of one holiday a year.

This year though, my fabulous husband is taking me to London for a week so I can celebrate my advancing old age in style. I'll have two days on my own while he is working so I plan to do some design sightseeing. Anyone have some suggestions for sources to visit?


Linda Merrill said...

Happy B-day Jackie! And have fun in London!

C+SK said...

I only wish I could come with you!! :-) I lived in London for 5 years, this was 7 years ago and I miss it everyday!

A can't miss, in design terms, the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour

Also check out BIDA's events listings - there is always a design show of sorts going on!

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Happy Valentine's Day and wishing you a day of spectacular Birthday celebrating in London!
Smiles, Heather

Unknown said...

Linda & Heather
Thanks for the birthday wishes. Birthdays are such a non event as you get older. I find myself trying to ignore them!!! If only that we're possible.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll check them out. Is there anywhere cool you haven't lived? You are such a globe trotter - I'm jealous.

katiedid said...

Have a Happy Heart and Birthday! Happy hunting in London too! (I expect pictures.)

Taddie Tales said...

Happy Birthday, you lucky girl! I would die to spend my bday across the pond. On my top 10 places on the globe. My suggestions would be the V&A and a lovely little house in Kensington, The Leighton House. Website does not do this home studio turned museum justice. The tile and artwork is amazing - many movies have been filmed here (Wings of a Dove, etc.) You'll only need a few hours as it is small. Think Preraphaelite.

Bonnie said...

Happy belated birthday, Jackie! have fun in London.......what a trip! I know you are excited!


blah said...

Dear Jackie - this is very belated - but Happy birthday to you and hope that London was fabulous - I know - how can it not be:-)

Hugs :-)


Pigtown*Design said...

Have a great time! Heal's store is great.. along the King's Road with Tricia Guild, Conrans and more. The Sir John Soane museum. Don't forget to get some I Coloniali soap!

Happy Birthday!!!