Saturday, February 16, 2008

Smart Draw - Am I The Last To Know?

Sometimes I feel like I am the last one to know when something super cool is invented that can make my life easier. Maybe it's just that everyone who has found out about it is hording that knowledge to keep it for themselves! I doubt that is the case with this absolutley fabulous software considering they claim to have sold 10 million copies and counting!

Smart Draw is for lack of a better description - drawing, drafting, form building, chart drawing, life organizing, software on steroids, built for dummies (another reason I love it). If it can be put on paper this program can help you do it easily, with a click of a button.

I was looking for a simple software program to help me create professional looking forms for my new book and I came across Smart Draw through a Google search.

I was immediately impressed by the number of things it claimed to do so I opted for the free trial download. Now I know what you're thinking! Here comes the horrific process of entering in all of your information short of your personal DNA strand and your tax return. I hit download and a message popped up on the screen - Your download is complete! Shock - Disbelief - it was the easiest thing I have ever done online! Seriously!!!

The trial version gives you ten free uses - but by the time I had used three of them it was obvious to me that I could not live without it and I had to buy. Again, I steeled myself for the process. I was prompted to enter my name and cc info. Then again, to my amazement, I was done. My purchase complete. I have never encountered a product that was so easy to try out and buy. I can't tell you how impressed I was with their trial & purchase system.

The same can be said for the program itself. It does everything - and I am not exaggerating. You can draw maps - design storefronts and retail layouts, closets, kitchens, make calendars, forms, charts, graphs, time lines. I only wish I had found it years ago - my life would have been much simpler. Check it out - the free trial is easy and painless.


Linda Merrill said...

Bummer - this looks great. Too bad it's not available for Macintosh!

C+SK said...

How fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is unbelievable!!! Thank you, Jackie!

blah said...

Dear Jackie - you know what I love about you - you really are an educator at heart :-).

Thank you so much for sharing :-)