Friday, November 7, 2008

Wood is the New Black

Living in the desert you have to incorporate organic materials in your decor in unusual ways. I have a black thumb that compounded with the uncooperative atmosphere here in Las Vegas has killed quite a few living plants. As a result, over the many years of my career I have used many a dried, preserved, and - dare I say - artificial plant. Gasp!!

My absolute favorite is the dead Manzanita tree. This fine example above has seen 10 long years of abuse in my family room and desperately needs to be replaced. His branches have gone bald and he's too fragile to clean so the remaining leaves are coated with dust and other yuck! Alas, I have a sentimental attachment to old Woody and I hate to see him go. But just as I was considering replacing him with something less combustible I see that dead wood is everywhere; drift wood, preserved wood, sandblasted wood, even faux wood!

dried wood candelabra via Wisteria

Stick chandelier via Terramia

Fabulous branches canopy bed

Branches spray painted to look like coral in a window display at Tiffany & Co
via style court

Dead tree as decor

Fab sandblasted branches lamp via pottery barn

Trunk lamp via neiman marcus

Spooky iron branches candelabra via eco home furniture

Another dead tree as decor via brown design

Woody bottles via crate & barrel

So, in closing, if you live by the beach, a lake, or a forest get out there and collect some interesting wood. You'll save a mint on new home accessories.

P.S. If anyone has a line on some great looking, dried, leafy manzanita let me know. We seem to be fresh out here in Vegas and it's now illegal to cut your own in Utah.


Hill Country House Girl said...

I have been attracted to twiggy, "woody" things for years. I have acquired some great Adirondack style benches and tables made from gnarled wood. I love that it is fashionable right now. My current favorite is the trunk lamp from Neiman Marcus you featured. I bought two at a local shop and have them in my bedroom - mine are silver and very cool. Thanks for such a fun post!

Renée Finberg said...

great post.

the tall bare trees were in my mind yesterday.

hope you are well,

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful canopy bed with the branches! It would be great fun to embellish with some sheer draperies and some treasure for the nest...