Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Firing Up The New Year

Happy New Year!!! Here's how we celebrate in Las Vegas. Back in the day we would have been out on the town with the rest of the party goers but now a days we ring in the new year at home to avoid the crowds and drunk drivers.

The town puts on a great fireworks show that we can see from our house.

It starts at one end of the Strip and goes to the other end with one of the highlights being the Stratosphere in the middle.

We have fireworks over the fake Eiffel Tower and in front of the fake Venetian but wouldn't it be great to actually travel to some fabulously exotic location for the New Year? ( When you live in Vegas it loses all of it's exotic local status and it is just your hometown)

Here is the real Eiffel Tower lit up and ready for New Years. Now that is a party that I would love to attend!!!

How about Rio di Janeiro? That blue band of light along the beach is the crowd of party goers assembled to watch the show! I wonder if they are all in Bikinis? Isn't it summer down there now?

If you're into seriously cold weather you could ring in 2009 in the Red Square in Moscow and watch the fireworks over the onion dome.

I think I would love to celebrate in Sydney. The weather is great this time of year and the celebration is said to be top notch. I think Aussies know how to have a good time.

Can you imagine watching these fireworks from atop the London Eye? That would be a spectacular view.

No matter where you are at the stroke of midnight I wish you a spectacular New Year filled with good health, a dash of luck, happiness and contentment and dreams come true.


vicki archer said...

I wish you a very happy New Year Jackie, and you are right - we Aussies (wherever we live) like to party! xv.

2 Dogs said...

How neat that you can stay at home and watch the fireworks.

We live outside of town but twice a year I can sit in my backyard and see the fireworks over the tree tops from downtown. Beats getting in all the traffic.

Have a wonderful New Years.
Patti Cakes

Linda Merrill said...

Happy New Years Jackie! And, great minds! I have a couple of the same fireworks pics on my New Years post! Particularly the Sydney Opera house. Spectacular!

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Jackie! Wow! What a lght show :) I hope you have a wonderful year filled with love & laughter! I agree with you New Years in Paris is where I would love to celebrate! I say we all meet up there for 2010!

MIMILEE said...

Wow! How spectacular!! Great, great post! THANKS and Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Jackie!!

Wonderful pics of fireworks!
Such a pleasure to have met you in Georgia this past year...and to blog with ya too:)
Can't wait to see your new book!!!

Blessing to you in 2009!

Renée Finberg said...

happy new year to you J-

that eiffel tower shot beats the hell out of mine !!



Topsy Turvy said...

Great post - I love your fireworks images from around the world. Happy New Year!