Friday, January 2, 2009

Vintage Wallpaper Samples

My wonderful husband always has a eye out for posts and products that I might like while he is surfing the net. ( Do people say that anymore? It sounds so last decade! ) Anyway, look what he found! Beautiful French gouaches on paper that were design proofs for The Societe des Papiers Peints in 1936.

These are the kind of images that really provide me with inspiration for my designs. I am always amazed at how modern and timeless design can be. The patterns, motifs, colors, and subject matter of these prints could be found in any couture paper house today.

I am really drawn to the combination of grey and orange in this print as well as the asymmetrical geometric composition. It seems like something Kelly Werstler would flip over.

I tried to do some quick research on The Societe but came up with nothing. I assume they were a French wallpaper firm. The only reference I found was in selected quotes from this magnificent looking book. I may have to purchase to know more, but I would really be buying it for its fabulous cover!

I let you know if I can find out any more info on the source of these papers and if you know anything about them please fill me in.

All images via Dinosaurs and Robots


Bonhams & Butterfields
Auction Lot 7224
estimated price range $200 - $600
Auction date January 11, 2009


Michelle said...

How gorgeous these would be in a powder room with some amazing sconces and fixtures. I smell a business opportunity for someone here.

Great Post!

cotedetexas said...

what a sweet husband! I can't imagine mine finding anything like that for me!!!

Cemaya said...

I love wallpaper and those are so cool! (I'm sure 'cool' is so last decade too but oh well.) :)

Visual Vamp said...

Your hubby has a great eye!!!
Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy New Year. Looking forward to reading more of your blog in 2009.
And thanks for the help you gave to me this past year. It meant alot to me.
xo xo

Unknown said...

I find the colors in these vintage wallpapers superb. A real treat for the eyes. What a sweet husband you have!!

Mélanie said...

What a great husband you have !
These wallpapers look fantastic and so feminine !
Best Wishes for 2009